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Gourmet Features of the Grubhub Clone Script

Take your food delivery business to great heights with our cutting-edge Grubhub clone script. Providing a seamless platform, it streamlines order management, delivery tracking, and customer engagement.

Packed with innovative features such as live order tracking, secure payment integration, and customizable menus, our Grubhub clone script guarantees a seamless and efficient experience while saving you time and money. Don’t miss out on trying this comprehensive solution!

Real Product Details

Users should view the details of food items like price, taste, and feedback and then place their orders based on the same.

Cart and Ordering Options

The food items picked by the user will be waiting in the cart where they can place their orders easily. Get the help of AI to streamline it.

Ratings and Reviews

Users can provide ratings and feedback for the foods to help others who are about to place their orders or are unable to choose an item.

Chat with Admin

With this feature of our grubhub clone users can chat instantly with the admin and clarify their doubts regarding their orders if any.

Order Tracking

Users on the food delivery platform can track their orders, provide reviews, and have a quick chat about any concerns with their orders.

Crave-Worthy Features of Our Grubhub Clone Script

Our primo Grubhub clone script, turbocharged with AI is here to serve up concerns hotter than a fresh pizza! With automated nudges leading users through every twist and turn, your journey from hunger to satisfaction is as smooth as butter. Our script has all of it to cater to your taste buds like a chef’s secret recipe.

It’s high time to supercharge your venture! Craft your ultimate online platform brimming with the latest tech magic. Our customizable Grubhub app clone ensures your business stays as a sizzling stir-fry in the competitive food delivery scene. Let’s dig in and get started because the clock’s ticking on those cravings!

Food items

Users get to view all food items with ratings, prices, availability, and customization of flavors and then place their orders.

Advanced Search

The real-time tracking process, allows your users to trace the exact location of the order in a consistent manner featured in Grofers clone.


This attractive feature of our grubhub clone script allows shop owners to promote their business and signature food items on the platform by offering details.

Categories and Sub-categories

Incorporate various categories and subcategories in our grubhub clone app script for users to find the food they crave based on price, offers, shop locations, etc.

Transport Category Options

Users can now quickly get the belongings they have left behind like documents, medicines, and so on delivered from one place to another.

Revenue Factor

Revenue features to meet your cash craving for your grubhub clone script!

Flexible pricing options

Fixing competitive fees to maximize bookings and alter pricing to fit the demands.

Commission Rates

Incorporate either percentage-based or fixed commission rules in your platform.

Transparent Fee Structure

Include a transparent fee structure in your grubhub clone script to get more users.

Multiple revenue streams

Multiply revenues through various prime streams like host service fee, guest service fee, etc.

Data Driven revenue insights

AI as your revenue strategist analyzes your guest behavior and expands your profits.

Subscription plan

Admin of the food delivery platform can benefit from the subscription plans within a short span.

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From Prep to Plate. Try Admin Demo!

Admin demo showcases an array of fantastic features with built-in attributes and functionalities such as:


Innovation Hunger? Explore User Demo.

Experience the user-friendly AI features by embedding them in our Grubhub clone app script. Get the entire process effortlessly streamlined by utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence.

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Extra excitement for our gurbhub clone script.

Arabic RTL

Include this in the grubhub to eliminate language barriers on the online food delivery platform. Static texts and the UI of the food delivery app will be translated into Arabic

App and Play Store preview designs

Captivate your users and make them revisit and utilize your online platform repeatedly with eye-catching App Store and Play Store preview designs

Single-country personalization

Operate exclusively in a designated region or country by customizing your app to attract users within that particular area.

Mobile login with OTP