Dark Theme

This remarkable Dark theme feature of our Periscope clone not just allows you to captivate users but also enriches the users’ experience while streaming live videos on the app. This dark theme option has diverse benefits such as it looks a lot better than the standard app view, it shrinks a significant amount of power usage, enhances visibility in low-light environments, and much more. So, undeniably this extraordinary feature of the Periscope clone will leave your users flabbergasted.

periscope clone

Live Streaming

Public and Private streaming

With the public streaming option, streamers can stream live videos and make it visible to all the users of the app. Also, if the streamers wish to keep their live streams private, they can do so with the private streaming option. Here, the streamers can select their desired contacts from the friends list and can stream their live videos privately by making it visible only to them.

Recent and Following

With the recent option, users of the app can view the list of all recently live-streamed videos of all the streamers on their home page. Also, with the following feature of our Periscope clone, users can see the recently broadcasted videos of the streamers whom they are following on their home page.


Our Periscope clone allows streamers to broadcast their live videos more conveniently with simple steps in just a fraction of seconds. So, live videos can be broadcasted instantly with no further delay and there are no restrictions on live streaming the content to the viewers.

Live Comments

In addition to watching the live videos, users can also comment on those videos. These comments will also be visible to the streamers.

Unlimited Likes

Unlimited Likes helps users to know the thoughts and likes of other users for their shared live videos and broadcasts.

Live Viewers

With this feature, broadcasters can know how many of their followers are online and watching their videos. The viewers who are all live will be shown to the streamers.

periscope clone


Trending Hashtags

Users can view the top, popular hashtags that are widely used by the streamers by just clicking on the search bar. Selecting a particular hashtag will take users to that hashtag page. So, capture the attention of users with this enchanting feature of our Periscope clone.

Popular countries

With this feature of our Periscope clone, show the top countries with a high number of live streams. By choosing a country from the top list, users can view all the live stream videos in that particular country.

QR Code

Our Periscope clone allows the users of the app to get connected with their desired contacts quickly on the live streaming platform with this QR code feature.

periscope clone


Admin of the app can set and manage hashtags on their live streaming platform. When the user clicks on a particular hashtag, they will be taken instantly to the corresponding hashtag page that shows the list of all the broadcasted and the live videos with that specific hashtag. This interesting feature of our Periscope clone will grab more eyeballs as it allows users to view all live streams under a hashtag easily in just a fraction of second.

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Free Gems

Each and every new user will get some amount of free gems after the registration process. Our Periscope clone allows users to earn more gems by watching promotional videos which can be then used for making in-app purchases.

Gems store

With the Gems store available in our periscope clone, users can purchase gems whenever required. These gems will then be automatically added to the user’s account. Users can make use of these purchased gems to send gifts and to use some additional features in the app.

periscope clone


Gifts store

Our Periscope clone includes gifts store from which users can purchase gifts by making use of their earned gems. They can send these purchased gifts to the other users whom they wish to send on any special occasion or to surprise them.

Convert gifts to gems

With this remarkable feature of our Periscope clone, users can convert the gifts they received so far into gems which can be then used to gain access to some engaging features of the app.

Withdraw money

Our Periscope clone includes a more flexible option for the app users to convert the gifts into money with the help of payment gateways available in the app.

periscope clone


Live chat

Users of our Periscope clone can have instant live chat with their preferred contacts. They can also use My chats option and chat screens to view their contacts and to start live chat with them.

Image sharing

Our Periscope clone allows users to have a fun-filled conversation with other users by sharing appealing images. To send images, users can just tap the image sharing icon.

Online status

Users can view the online status of their contacts easily in our Periscope clone. ‘Last seen’ indicates the last time the user was online and ‘online’ shows that the user is currently online and available to chat.


For some reason, if a user wants to block a specific user, then they can do the same with the block option available in our periscope clone. Once a user is blocked, his/her online status cannot be viewed by the user and cannot make a call to that user.

periscope clone

Prime Members


Prime members of our Periscope clone can have certain discounts on gems, in-app purchases, and many other activities. Entrepreneurs can also manage the process effectively with complete control over the monetization factors and other promotional activities inside the app.

Privacy controls

Users of the app can hide their age; can manage activity controls, make essential changes in ad settings, message settings, etc with this interesting feature of our Periscope clone.

Crown/Premium Badge

Prime members of our Periscope clone can get Crown/Premium Badge benefits. These users will get additional advantages and can access the salient features of the app.

periscope clone

Video moderation


With this beneficial feature, you can assure that the Periscope clone app is completely safe to use. If a user is involved in any unwanted activities during the live streaming process, our Periscope clone app will block that user quickly for 24 hours.


In case a user reports another user during live streaming, this feature of our Periscope clone captures the screenshot of broadcaster and sends it to Admin. Admin will then take necessary action on the corresponding user.

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Referral programs

Invite friends

Users can earn gems by inviting their friends to join the app. This, in turn, will eventually lead to more number of app users within a short span of time.


Our Periscope clone allows users to earn more gems by inviting their friends or by watching promotional videos. These earned gems can be then used by the users to get access to additional features of the app and to purchase gifts.

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Admin announcements

Admin announcements

Admin can inform the app users regarding any app updates, security updates and other significant information then and there required by making use of the advanced notification feature of our Periscope clone.

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Users of the app can view the list of users who are all following them and can also remove the user in case required.


Our Periscope clone allows users to see the profile details of other users whom they are following. They can also remove or add their followings whenever needed.

periscope clone


Notification controls

Our Periscope clone provides app users a complete control over the notification settings. Users can block notifications from their followers easily if required.

Profile controls

Appkodes Livza allows users to manage their personal profiles efficaciously. They can also decide on the information that they wish to share with other users.

periscope clone

Exciting features and more

One hand feature

In our user-friendly Periscope clone, users can just swipe to begin their live streaming process. This is a more convenient feature available in our Appkodes Livza product.


Our Periscope clone allows users to create account easily either through their Facebook credentials or through their phone number with the OTP verification steps.

Recent History

Streamers can now view and keep track of the videos that are broadcasted earlier. With this, they can effectively manage their live streaming process and can also remove previous broadcasts that they don’t want to keep it anymore.

Camera swap

To enhance the video streaming process, users of our Periscope clone can swap camera views from front face to rear-facing and vice versa if needed.

Share broadcasts to internal users and external apps

Users of the app can share the live stream videos instantly with their preferred contacts in the app. The link of the video will be then shared and will appear on the private chat page of the receiver. Our Periscope clone also allows users to share live stream videos with other applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. This feature will definitely amaze users on the live streaming platform.

Screen lock

Our Periscope clone makes use of the system lock for app protection by default. So, a password, pattern, fingerprint lock, or PIN that is set by the user as a system lock will be used as an application lock.

periscope clone

Web application

Attractive landing page

Our Periscope clone solution comes with an eye-catching landing page to capture the attention of visitors. It can also be modified according to varying business demands.

Bootstrap responsive

As our periscope clone is built with a responsive design, it can adjust easily to various screen sizes and devices such as mobile phones, tablets, desktops, etc. showing unparalleled performance across these devices.

periscope clone


Instant Dashboard

Dashboard in the admin panel gets updated every second automatically and so there is no need for the Admin to reload the app often to get informed with the current live streaming videos and other activities occurring inside the app.


Our Periscope clone shows the key metrics and analytics for improving the business growth rate in the form of informative graphical charts.

Security and Reliability

Our Periscope clone comes with a more secured platform and so all users can make use of our reliable app to stream live videos. Through this, we gain user confidence.

No-fuss Admin platform

Admin can manage the entire operations on the platform, can get a complete report of the videos live-streamed so far, can also block live streaming if needed, etc through a robust platform. Necessary third-party app services can also be integrated into the app.

periscope clone