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Get into the world of perfect live streaming through our periscope clone script with customizable features. Take your broadcasting career to the next level.

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Ready to Go Live? Get to Know Our Periscope Clone Script

Do you feel ready to be a full-time live-streamer? Offering you the compatibility you need, our Periscope clone script features smooth streaming options. Consider the boundless opportunities open to you and involve the audience in ways they have never been before. Today we will learn about the amazing world of live broadcasting!

High-quality streaming:

Our Periscope clone script will ensure that the live broadcast is delivered in the best possible audio and video quality as it features crystal-clear audio and sharp video resolution. You can not only hook your viewers but also keep them engaged and entertained throughout your broadcast.


Using our script, you can customize each aspect of your live-streaming platform. You can adapt your platform to your brand style in every element such as the colors, branding elements, page layout, and design.


You can do the live streaming at your desired time and interact with the audience in real time using the amazing capabilities of the Periscope clone script. It is this flexibility that enables you to cater to their tastes and levels of engagement.

Your Gateway to Seamless Live Streaming: Try Our Periscope Clone App!

Benefit from our Periscope clone app to commence frictionless live streaming! Plunge into a life where broadcasting is full of life and power. Be part of the increasing number of content creators who decided to pick our platform as a way for them to address worldwide audiences, share their experiences, and create lively communities.

Our Periscope clone guarantees a worry-free live broadcasting experience with effortless and intuitive features as well as a user-friendly UI. Whether you are a novice or veteran broadcaster, our platform gives you the chance to express your talent and attain never-before-seen achievements. Experience the infinite possibilities of live streaming by having an experiment.

Multiple Payment Systems:

The platform allows a wide range of payment methods to their users enabling them to choose from several options such as credit/debit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrencies making payment more convenient and improving conversion rate.

Multilingual Support:

Overcome language barriers and reach a worldwide audience via the availability of our website in multiple languages. It doesn’t matter if it’s English, Spanish, Mandarin, or French, users can enjoy the content in the language they are familiar with, and this promotes diversity and accessibility.

Easy API Integration:

Seamlessly integrate any third-party services and tools via our simple API integration. The solution must offer functionality, scalability, and efficiency that is above par and at competitive prices.

Internal Messaging System:

Encourage community engagement and work together with our built-in internal messaging system. Users seamlessly communicate across the platform, share views, discuss, and collaborate on projects within the platform hence increasing user interaction and retention.

Live Streaming:

Use our live-streaming feature that will help you interact with the audience immediately. If it is hosting events, Q&A sessions, or product launches, live streaming provides a platform for genuine interaction, community engagement, and deeper attachments between the audience and presenters.

Empower Your Broadcasting Dreams: Celebrate Our Periscope Clone Script

Turn your dream to be a broadcaster into reality with our custom Periscope clone script. Our platform, which is crafted in a highly sophisticated manner to provide you with a qualitative streaming experience, is your top partner to help you grow an audience, establish a strong community, and unleash your creativity. Follow the paths of the broadcasters who have chosen our solution to visualize them in their work.

We equip you with the tools and support you need to prosper in the fast-paced world of live streaming through these three main activities: making important connections, increasing your influence, and achieving your objectives. Jumpstart the future of broadcasting now with our Periscope clone script and see all your dreams come true right before your eyes.


Dark Theme:

Avoid eye strain and enjoy the improved readability of our dark theme. Perfect for low-light areas or users who like the darker interface, the dark theme is also visually appealing and still in accord with the overall style of your platform.

Attractive UI & UX:

 Delight users of our app with our visually appealing and intuitive user interface. With trendy designs and smooth navigation, our platform focuses on user experience. Our users are happy and satisfied and keep on coming back to us.

Advanced Technology:

Adopt our platform which has the most advanced technology stack and stay ahead of the competition. Utilizing advanced technologies such as AI, machine learning, and real-time analysis, our platform provides unique features, makes scalability possible, and generates future-proof for your company in the context of the quickly changing environment.


Users can access our mobile-ready platform on the go. Our platform has been designed to be available on all devices and ensure that users can access content, interact with others, and enjoy the full experience, irrespective of what device they are using, providing the highest level of usability and customer satisfaction.

Advanced Search:

 Increase users’ experience with the help of advanced search, where the users can instantly find the appropriate content, people, or groups. The power of UGC lies in its use of filters, sorting options, and predictive search capabilities that allow users to discover new content and connect with like-minded people with ease.

Revenue Sources

Unlock Earning Potential: Facilitate Different Revenue Sources for Profitable Expansion

Purchase Gems

The revenue function of our Periscope clone script allows admins to make money from users buying gems from the store. Through the empowerment of users to send gifts and by making the app more captive by unlocking more app features, these jewels not only increase the number of users but also the revenue.

Prime Membership Plans

The admin gets profited when users pay for subscriptions to get access to additional features that include in-app purchases such as instant video calls to preferred shows. This inspires the users while the platform earns revenues.

Placing Google Ads

Produce revenue by exhibiting Google ads on the live-streaming platform. Rising views and clicks on the ads convert into higher earnings for the admins, leading to the exploitation of the platform’s advertising potential and, hence, improved profitability.

Running Promotional Ads

Admin can monetize the live streaming platform through promotional ads. Viewers are shown these ads to earn gems, and for each view, the admin is paid a commission, which enables revenue generation on multiple fronts and enhances user experience.

Converting Gifts into Gems

The admin can earn revenues from promotional ads on the live-streaming platform. It is the users who watch the ads to earn some free gems, providing the admin with a commission for every view and, at the same time, increasing user engagement and the revenue stream.

Transaction fees

Our script featuring live-streaming has a permanent source of income that increases as transaction volumes grow and uses a transaction fee revenue model. This assures long-term profitability and complements platform expansion and also user engagement with low operating costs.
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Experience the distinction: Get knowledge by testing our admin demo now and see how our platform can produce positive change.


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Effortlessly investigate: Try our user demo to enjoy a seamless experience and have a direct glance at our user-friendly features of the platform.

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