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Tired of slow development and high costs? Our Rappi clone script provides a quick and affordable way to start your own powerful on-demand delivery platform. Many successful entrepreneurs have chosen our platform to make their business dreams a reality. Your business could be the next in line!


Examine and analyze your business needs cautiously giving more focus to each nuance of the idea for successful development.


Make the best use of the success combo of the unparalleled expertise of our experts, and our AI-powered rappi script.


Build your dominating business platform that adapts to ever-evolving trends with our responsive rappi script.

Powerful Features for Rappi Clone Script </>

Utilize our unrivaled expertise to create customized clone scripts and venture into the dynamic online business landscape. Our revolutionary AI-driven rappi clone script allows you to transform the on-demand delivery industry with its exceptional capabilities.

Engineered to excel with the ever-changing trends of on-demand services, our Rappi clone script offers an array of cutting-edge features. From food delivery to grocery delivery and beyond, our script can be effortlessly adapted to suit your unique business vision by our experts.

Product Information

Make all the significant details like products such as price, availability, offers if any, and so on available for users.

Cart and Instant Ordering

Choose and place selected items in the cart and make your payment quickly from the cart. This option will allow the users to place their orders comfortably.

Ratings and Reviews

Users are allowed to rate and review the products based on their experiences. This will help other users.

Chat System

Users on the rappi clone script can have quick chat with the Admin to get their doubts solved with this chat system.

Order Tracking

Users can track their placed orders effectively and can provide feedback without any trouble.

Premium Rappi Scripts Features for Unmatched Performance </>

Effortlessly launch your on-demand delivery platform with our Rappi clone script, powered by AI and backed by our expert support. Avoid the expense of development and streamline your platform launch, maximizing efficiency and saving resources.

Our flexible and feature-rich solution allows you to customize your platform with additional functionality and move ahead of the competition to make an impact in the market. Pick the perfect features to dominate your competitors.

Product Categories

The product categories and subcategories in the online delivery platform allow users to find their desired items easily and quickly.

Transport Category

Users can get their products delivered from one place to such as documents, medicines, etc without any troubles.

Products Available

Users on the on-demand delivery platform get aware of the products available with their important details such as price, ratings, and many more.

Advanced Search Options

This AI-driven feature helps the users of the on-demand delivery app to find the products that they like the most easily.

Banner Options

Our rappi clone Admin can retain users on the platform by placing banners. Admin can display best products, offer details, top-rated shops, etc on the banners.

Revenue Factor

Revenue on Demand with Powerful Features for Our Rappi Script

Running Banner Ads

Admin can earn more on the online delivery platform. Admin can decide the number of banner ads to be placed, etc.

Sponsored Promotions

Admin can drive more users and earn by running featured advertisements to promote their products.

Transaction fees

Admin profits a certain commission percentage from transactions users with this factor of our rappi script.

Multiple revenue streams

Expand revenues through various prime streams like host service fees, guest service fees, etc.

Data-driven revenue insights

AI as your revenue strategist analyzes your guest behavior and maximizes your profits.

Subscription plan

Adding this revenue factor to our rappi clone script enables Admin to make money within a short period.

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Experience our Admin Demo, where you can witness the transformative potential of our rappi script. Pick from the array of innovative features designed to streamline and enhance your business processes.


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Our demos are the best parts where you can experience the magic of our app’s performance. Find more with the user demo of our customizable rappi clone with hand-picked features like.

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Rappi clone’s add-ons to speed up your on-demand business growth

Arabic RTL

Incorporate this to eliminate language barriers on the o platform. Static texts and the UI of the app will be translated into Arabic

App and Play Store preview designs

Attract your users and retain them with App Store and Play Store preview designs.

Mapbox Integration

Add more cost-effective mapbox solutions in your app or website to eliminate the routing problems of your users.

Mobile login with OTP

Stops fake registrations and orders on the website by offering users a hassle-free and secure registration along with OTP verification, to access the platform.

AWS S3 Bucket Integration

Ensure robust data protection against unauthorized access by integrating Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) into the app to store, and retrieve data of any scale.

Interstitial Advertisements

Attract eyeballs with compelling and visually appealing interstitial advertisements within a short time than other ad types like banner ads.

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Questions & Answers

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What are the languages used for implementation in mobile apps?

We have used Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android

Is the app native ?

Yes. Our delivery app development is in Native Platform

What are the Web Technologies used?

Laravel with React for the UX handling, nodejs with typescript for API handling and socket technology for the instant updates.

What is the database used to handle the data?

We have used the mongodb for data handling

What’s the map used by default for tracking purpose?

We have used the google map for all the map related activities

What’s the SMS gateway used to process OTP?

We have used the Firebase for handling SMS in the system

What’s the Payment Gateway by default available in the application?

We have implemented the Stripe to handle all the payments

Web Server

Apache server, the most popularly used web/http server. It can installed as external server or on the same server as per your convenience


Mongo DB version 4.0 or higher



Laravel Version 8.0 or above


For Instant Chat

Nodejs 17.x


React Js version 17.x


NPM version 8.x



Ioncube loader version 10 or above. Ion Cube PHP Extension decrypts the protected PHP files and optimizes their execution.

Delivery App V1.0
User Apps :
[Added] Phone number login option
[Added] Home page
[Added] Store banner, Admin banner, Category banner
[Added] Topstores, Categories & subcategories based (products & stores)
[Added] Bestseller, Top products management in store
[Added] Instant search store option & search product option based on location
[Added] Add Cart
[Added] Cart Details
[Added] Checkout
[Added] Order with Payment
[Added] Transport option
[Added] Order & Transport tracking
[Added] Store details
[Added] Recent orders
[Added] Order Management
[Added] Order & Transport Details
[Added] Profile information
[Added] Edit Profile information
[Added] Search Product
[Added] Search Store
[Added] Notifications
[Added] Wallet management
[Added] Address management
[Added] Referral code
[Added] Help
[Added] Settings
[Added] Dark theme
[Added] Logout
User Admin Panel :
[Added] Dashboard
[Added] User Management
[Added] Seller Management
[Added] Store Management
[Added] Item Management
[Added] Category & Subcategory Management
[Added] Order Management
[Added] Offer Management
[Added] Unit Management
[Added] Tax Management
[Added] Banner Management
[Added] Review Management
[Added] Subscription Management
[Added] Promotion Banner Management
[Added] Referral and Invoice Management
[Added] Notification Management
[Added] Site Settings Management
[Added] Help Management
Seller Apps :
[Added] Seller Sign Up & Login
[Added] Profile
[Added] Change and Forgot Password
[Added] Stripe with Connected Account
[Added] Dashboard
[Added] Store Management
[Added] Menu Management
[Added] Product Management
[Added] Promotion Banner Management
[Added] Order Management
[Added] Review Management
[Added] Notification Management
[Added] Subscription Management
[Added] Logout
Seller Web :
[Added] Seller Sign Up & Login
[Added] Profile
[Added] Change and Forgot Password
[Added] Stripe with Connected Account
[Added] Dashboard
[Added] Subscription
[Added] Store Management
[Added] Menu Management
[Added] Product Management
[Added] Promotion Banner Management
[Added] Order Management
[Added] Review Management
[Added] Notification Management
[Added] Logout
Partner Apps :
[Added] Account signup with personal informations
[Added] View/Edit Profile information
[Added] View/Edit Personal information
[Added] Home page
[Added] New Order
[Added] Order pickup & Delivery
[Added] Order Tracking
[Added] Transport Pickup & Drop option
[Added] Transport Tracking
[Added] Revenue module
[Added] Order Management
[Added] Order Detail
[Added] Transport management
[Added] Transport Detail
[Added] Notification
[Added] Wallet History
[Added] Wallet withdraw
[Added] Review Module
[Added] Help
[Added] Settings
[Added] Dark theme
[Added] Logout
Partner Admin Panel :
[Added] Dashboard
[Added] Rider Management
[Added] Order and Tracking Management
[Added] Transport Booking Management
[Added] Vehicle Management
[Added] Site Settings Management
[Added] Review Management
[Added] Wallet Management
[Added] Help Management


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