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Are you preparing to launch a healthcare business like Teladoc? Here are your ready-to-use Script solutions to kick-start a booming Teladoc-like app! Cheers!

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TelaDoc Clone App - Fits the Needs of Your Business

Patients can seek the assistance of their preferred doctors by scheduling an appointment by being in the comfort of their homes with technology. Well, a Telemedicine clone app would thrive as a great idea to do this! If you’re looking forward to building such a clone app for your customers, Teladoc Clone Script could make your idea easy to implement easily for you!!

Easy-To-Access Patient and Doctor App

Explore a intuitive interface friendly app to assist Doctors and Patients health-care demands.

Full-Fledged Customizable

Easily customize our Teladoc clone app to meet your needs and business type.

Powerful Admin Dashboard

Manage all the complete operational activities of app with a potent Admin panel

Mount Virtual Consultation Realistic with Our TelaDoc Clone Script!

Patients approach the assistance of their preferred doctors by booking an appointment by being at the comfort of their homes. Launch such a virtual healthcare platform like Teladoc for your business and facilitate the patients in consulting the physicians without any disruptions. How can you do this? Yes, Teladoc Clone Script does all this for you!

You may quickly and affordably create an amazing online platform like Teladoc for booking doctor’s appointments by using a ready-to-use, scalable script, designed with cutting-edge technologies and stunning features. Create a profitable online healthcare business with such a lucrative Teladoc clone solution!!

Video/Voice Call/Chat Consultation

Receive in-person consultations, and book appointments with the doctors, connect with them via video calls, chats, or audio features, and get support.

Customized Dashboard

Customize Teladoc Clone app dashboards needed for a consultation, such as appointments, medical history, prescription drugs, etc.,

Multi-Level Admin Dashboard

Custom-developed platform enrolls features to Monitor and track your online health and fitness business and work with multiple admins at the backend.

Third-Party Software Integration

Seamlessly integrate EHR applications to facilitate secure file transfers, seamless health record sharing, and potentially secure communication.

Health Monitoring System

Teladoc clone app exhibits benefits to integrate with smart devices or otherwise IoT devices/sensors for accessing the wellbeing of the user.

Teladoc Clone Features Make Availing Healthcare in a Click!

Your Platform built with our Teladoc clone script enrolls video conferencing features as well as the telephonic consultation process to enrich the end-user experience. Our White-labeled Taladoc Clone Script given with end-to-end support and cutting-edge technologies eases you to a user-friendly interface beneficial for both Doctors and patients.

Why do you still wait? With the quick aid of our committed team of experts and the Teladoc clone script’s advanced features, craft a powerful Teladoc clone app for your telemedicine and virtual healthcare business so you can continue helping patients without any interruptions.

Push Notifications

Push alerts, emails, or SMS are present here to notify users and clinicians of upcoming appointments as well as other pertinent information.

Schedule Appointment For Clinic Visits

Schedule appointment feature to allow users to make appointments for clinical visits, which may save them time standing in long lines.

Online Prescription

Patients can access their data at any time and from any location to obtain prescription and other health-related details using Script features

Location-Based Search

With GPS features enabled, benefit end users to locate healthcare professionals in the locations of their choice simplifying the processes.

In-App Secured Payment Alternatives

Simplify the process for patients and doctors to send and receive payment and to keep track of past transactions when they use in-app payment features.

Explore Revenue Potential

Profit steadily from the effective revenue-generating component of our Teladoc clone.

Placing Google ads

Applying Google ads enables you to gain revenue when more people click on and watch those Google ads in your appointment booking clone app.

Subscription type

Earn through subscriptions on monthly plans or annual ones and Customers can receive extra benefits like free delivery, deals, and discounts by subscribing.

Payment Link-sharing

By sharing a payment link and offering various payment options, generate income every quick time, and ease the user experience in your app.

Commission-based model

Teladoc clone app developed to take a portion of the doctor’s consultation fee. And Earning cost on every consultation on your platform.

Value-added services

The app can offer additional services beyond basic consultations for an extra fee such as Medication delivery, Lab test ordering, Mental health therapy sessions etc.,

Premium memberships

Offer tiered subscription plans with additional features for premium members for Prioritized features like Extended consultation times, Access to specialists, etc.,

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Trusted by the Best-in-Features that Teladoc Clone Gives you!

Get the most powerful appointment booking app with our intuitive features to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare experts anywhere! anytime.


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In this busy era, it is easy to stay connected with a doctor and get a consultation with your Astounding online healthcare platform with our script Feature !!!

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