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A Peculiar all-in-one telemedicine platform enabling virtual patient-provider communication app platform powered by Telemedicine Script.

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Build a Versatile Telemedicine Script App to Perfectly Suit Your User Needs!

As the online healthcare industry is thriving, new businesses are popping up every day. Be a part of this thriving market, by developing a cutting-edge Teladoc clone app that helps healthcare professionals streamline their processes. No hurdles!! Craft a feature-rich and powerful Telemedicine script with our Customizing Telemedicine Script !!

Easy-To-Use Patient and Doctor Platform

Augment your healthcare business needs with a simplified, user-friendly Telemedicine script.

Full-Fledged Customizable

Take advantage of the highly customizable source code to tailor your Telemedicine script to your Business needs.

All-Encompassing Admin Dashboard

Utilize an advanced Admin panel to take control of every operational aspect of the Telemedicine script.

Craft a Customized Telemedicine Script and Expand Your Business Exponentially

Telemedicine has observed an urgent surge in popularity because of its cost-efficiency, accessibility, and convenience. The necessity for such online healthcare services, specifically in the spot of an ongoing global health crisis, has spurred the development of the healthcare booking app emulating the success of telemedicine.

Use our trustworthy telemedicine script to materialize a strong Telemedicine script for scheduling doctor appointments in order to bring your innovative online healthcare business ideas to life. Obtain our meticulously crafted script features to help your online healthcare business succeed !!

Video/Voice Call/Chat Consultation

Bring the app users the utmost facilities for in-person consultations, and book appointments, and connect with them via video calls, chats, or audio features.

Customized Dashboard

Manifest the Telemedicine script features for consultation in terms of medical history, prescription drugs, appointments, and more.

Multi-usage Admin Panel

Get our Pre-built booking platform with built-in tools for tracking and monitoring your online health business with several back-end administrators.

Third-Party Software Integration

Coherent embedding of the EHR apps in the Telemedicine script safeguards the file transfers and easy sharing of health records.

Health Monitoring Platform

Customize the features in the Telemedicine script with IoT devices or smart devices for monitoring the user’s health in regular time intervals.

Transforming Healthcare Delivery at Your Convenience! Telemedicine Script

For the healthcare sector, we have introduced Telemedicine Script, an on-demand solution that allows doctors and patients to communicate via video calls and messages while diagnosing each other’s conditions. Every customer is accustomed to using on-demand services in today’s technologically advanced world. It is obvious that healthcare needs to establish a presence in the on-demand market.

Why wait for your idea? Create a robust customizable Telemedicine app cone for doctor consultations using our Ready-made script to transform your healthcare offerings. Explore the advanced features of our Script like appointment booking, white labeling, filters, search options, instant service, easy medicine ordering, and more embedded to craft a Telemedicine app made convenient at your fingertips!

Push Notifications

Easily be prepared about the doctor’s upcoming appointments, and reporting by receiving different push alerts, emails, or SMS.

Schedule Appointments

Make Prior appointments with your medical professionals and the clinic visits planning based on the scheduling dates in the app, thus saving time.

Instant Prescription

Transform all Pre-built Script functional features into your application to enable patients to retrieve health-related data from anywhere.

Location-Based Search

Search and filter the healthcare providers in the places of your comfort with GPS features enabled in the script that streamlines the procedures.

In-App Secured Payment Options

Make use of in-app payment features to facilitate instantaneous payment sending and receiving, view and manage consultation past transactions.

Revenue-Generating Aspects

Fully comprehend the revenue sources that drive the cost of your healthcare booking business.

Placing Google Ads

Recognizing Google advertisements in your Telemedicine script for scheduling appointments can earn revenue while getting impressions.

Subscription Type

Bring the benefits of a monthly or yearly subscription plan to generate income so that clients will also receive discounts, free delivery, and special offers.

Payment Link-Sharing

Use payment-sharing features in your Telemedicine script and the ability to share a payment link, you can always make immediate money.

Commission-Based Pay Per Booking

Derive money from each consultation, by tailoring the Telemedicine script to enable you to take a share of the doctor’s consultation charge.

Value-Added Services

Schedule blood test orders, pharmaceutical delivery, and therapy sessions for an extra fee in addition to simple consultation costs.

Premium Memberships

Introduce more tier-based membership plans with more features for premium customers for longer consultation sessions and access to specialists.

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Get Your Telemedicine App Embedding Strong Features with Leading-Edge Technologies

With the support of customizable Script, create feature-rich platforms with secure payment processing capabilities, real-time updates, and interactive user interfaces.