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Own your Functional Zocdoc Clone Script </>

Allow your customers to find and book appointments with doctors with just a few taps on their smartphones with a Zocdoc app! Here is our White-labeled solution, and customizable Zocdoc clone script to build your dream app! Seek the mind-blowing merits of our Zocdoc Clone script that eases and automates business operations.


Easily Accessible Patient and Doctor App

Develop a user-friendly platform interface for your app to assist Doctors’ and Patients’ healthcare demands.

Full-Fledged Customizable

Eases customization of your Zocdoc Clone script to meet your needs and business type.

All-controlled Admin Dashboard

Maintain all the operational aspects and transactions of your app with an enhanced admin panel.

Architect your Specialized On-demand Medical App </>

Launch a full-fledged online physician booking app with the assistance of our highly scalable Zocdoc clone script. With the integration of the unique features, it assures that your healthcare business will seamlessly function to your needs. You can build both cross-platform and native apps for IoS and Android platforms.

The Zocdoc clone script will be created incorporating the company’s name, background, logo, theme, and other elements that determine its visual identity with a white-labeled solution. It guarantees astonishing features and gives users a personalized experience on the platform. Avail of the prominent Zocdoc clone app to start your business giving best-in-use features from our Script!!

Video/Voice Call/ChatConsultation

Ease app users with in-person consultations, and book appointments, connect with them via video calls, chats, or audio features, and get assistance.

Customized Dashboard Panel

Personalize Zocdoc Clone app dashboards required for your consultation, such as appointments, medical history, prescription drugs, etc.,

Multi-usage Admin Dashboard

Ready-made developed booking platform, embeds features to Monitor and track your online health business with multiple admins at the backend.

Third-Party Software Integration

Impeccable integration of EHR apps enables secure file transfers, easy sharing of health records, and possibly secure communication.

Health Monitoring System

Gain the merits of integrating the Zocdoc clone app with smart devices or other IoT devices to monitor user health on a regular basis.

Zocdoc Clone Script Features: Empowering Instant Healthcare Access! </>

Create a reliable online platform for scheduling doctor appointments within your budget by using a ready-made, easily customizable Zocdoc clone that comes with intriguing features and contemporary functionalities. Therefore, with such an easy-to-use and adaptable Zocdoc clone, it is entirely possible to launch and operate a profitable online healthcare business.

A ready-made healthcare app solution with all the astonishing features like appointment booking, white labeling, filters, search options, instant service, and more inhibited in zocdoc clone script to create a zocdoc clone app is made feasible at your fingertips! Therefore, you can definitely create a distinctive and feature-rich healthcare app.

Push Notifications

Clinicians and patients receive push alerts, emails, or SMS here to let them know about upcoming appointments and other important information.

Schedule Appointment For Clinic Visits

Arrange appointments for your healthcare services by utilizing the appointment feature, and users, potentially saving time spent waiting in line.

Online Prescription

Embed Script features to your app, so that patients can access their data from anywhere at any time to get health-related details.

Location-Based Search

End users can find healthcare providers in the places of their choosing when GPS features are activated, which streamlines the procedures.

In-App Secured Payment Alternatives

Utilize in-app payment features, and make it easier for users to send and receive payment instantly and to keep track of previous transactions.

Revenue-Generating Facets

Understand the stream of revenue factors that promote the cost to your Zocdoc healthcare booking business.

Placing Google ads

Apprehending Google ads in your Zocdoc clone app, you can make money when more users click on and watch those ads.

Subscription type

Generate revenue through monthly or annual subscription scheme features and this customer can also get free delivery, preferential offers, and discounts.

Payment Link-sharing

Make instant money every time to serve customers better with payment-sharing options in your Zocdoc clone app, and sharing a payment link.


Commission-based Pay Per booking

Customize your app to inhibit features for capturing a proportion of the doctor’s consultation fee making money from each consultation.

Value-added services

Beyond easy consultations, organize lab test orders, medication delivery, and mental health therapy sessions with an extra fee.

Premium memberships

Offer additional tier-based subscription plans with added features for premium members requiring access to specialists and extend consultation times.

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Unlock the Best-in-Class Features, by Zocdoc Clone Script </>

Enjoy and launch the most productive app for scheduling appointments with our easy-to-use Zocdoc Features to ease user experience and connect patients and medical professionals anywhere! at any time.


Launch your Customized and White-Label Doctor-Patient Booking App. Get into Our Quick Demo! </>

Get to know all the Zocdoc Clone script features, and make it effortless to stay in touch with a doctor in this hectic time and schedule your consultation! Take a quick demo!


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Exciting Add-ons

Enthralling Add-ons to Engage Users on Your Zocdoc App Clone, Enriching Doctor Appointment Booking Experience.

Chat Translator

Add a sophisticated chat translator in the Zocdoc app clone to remove linguistic barriers between users on the site for scheduling doctor appointments.

App Personalization

Allow features for an administrator to target a specific locality and then modify their application so that it only runs in that area to draw the user’s attention.

Moderation option

Image moderation solution identifies and removes offensive and abusive photos that users upload to the platform and will increase the platform’s legitimacy.

Voice messaging solution

Provide voice messaging functionality to the Zocdoc clone to communicate instantly. makes the conversations more interesting and gains interest.

Amazon S3 Bucket Integration

Users of the app securely store and retrieve data with integration of the Amazon S3 bucket into the Zocdoc clone and prevent unauthorized access.

Splash Screen

The splash screen in Zocdoc clone script features gives the medical appointment booking app a polished appearance and amazes the user experience.

Design your Zocdoc App Clone with White-label Flexibility! Opt for your Desired Pricing Plan! </>

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FAQ and Update History

Get Answers and Stay Informed

Questions & Answers

Need Answers? Find them here. </>

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What are the languages that are used for implementation in both apps?

We used Swift V4 for iOS and Java for Android

Are the apps native?

Yes, our doctor appoinment booking scirpt are in the native platform

What is the technology used for the Video visit?

We are managing 2 options for the video visit from admin panel

1. Zegocloud
2. WebRTC

If we needs to handle the Video Visit for the Web Version, We needs to enable the Zegocloud in the admin panel. It’s Paid API.

If we needs to handle the video visit for the Mobile app, We can enable the WebRTC. It will works for Mobile app only. It’s a Free Opensource from Google.

Which framework is used in the website?

MeetDoc uses the Yii framework which is MVC design patterned framework. Yii v2.0 is written in PHP and the database is in mysql

What is the payment gateway integrated into MeetDoc?

By default, we have Stripe connect payment gateway for booking the appointment and for the doctor payout process.

We recommend scalable cloud servers from Amazon AWS, Digitalocean, or others. The script can be installed in Apache or Nginx.
If you prefer Digital Ocean for Hosting service, you can use the link below to sign up quickly. Also you can get free $100 which will be automatically credited to your account and you can use it for 60 days. Billing will be applicable only after this time period.

What is single domain licensing?

Our script will work based on a single domain license. For that, we will provide you the corresponding license file for your domain. With this file, you can install the script on your server.

How does Video Visit Works?

Once the patient books for a video visit, he has an option to enter the waiting room 5 mins before the booked time slot. The doctor will then get the patient’s waiting room arrival notification and has the option to join. Also, on the other end, doctor can initiate a video visit. Then, the patient has the option to accept/decline the video call.

How do i make an appointment?

Just log in and find the doctor from the specialities based on your illness. Then, choose your location from filter to find the exact doctor nearby, We’ll show a list of doctors who may meet your exact needs. You can even view their available times, qualifications, office photographs, and verified reviews from other patients. Just click on the appointment time you like and follow the quick prompts to book your appointment in minutes.

How to add multiple locations of the Hospital?

When a doctor signup, he has an option to add one hospital location. But, if he wants to add more hospital, then he should contact the Admin to do the process

Web Server

Apache server, the most popularly used web/http server. It can installed as external server or on the same server as per your convenience


From MySQL 5.6 to MySQL 8.0,for its performance and scalability



Php 7.4


For Instant Chat

Node.js 12.x


Framework yii2.0, the high performed php framework exclusively used for developing large-scale web applications


Go Lang (1.x or later)


Server should have the port number 2195 enabled for TCP – APN (Apple Push Notification)


SMTP for PHPMailer() function. “sendmail” recommended for linux based servers

smtp 1


Ion cube loader version 10

Meetdoc v2.0 – April 5, 2024


​[Added] Incorporating Video Call Capability on the Web Utilizing Zego
[Added] Feature for File Sharing on Chat Pages
[Added] Booking Reminder Notifications
[Added] Allocation of Time Slots Based on Days
[Added] Ability to Modify Prescriptions with PDFs
[Added] Integration for Payment: Automatic and Manual Transactions
[Fixed] Addressed Timezone Issues
[Fixed] Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

Apps :

[Added] Zego video call added
[Added] View Prescription in PDF with download option.
[Added] Add Multiple Medicine on a single prescription.
[Updated] Select specific day and add Multiple slots on selected day with direct or video
visit for doctor
[Updated] Admin panel selection basis call option,enabled or disabled for zego/antmedia
[Removed] Upload prescription Edit option removed
[Updated] camera, media and files share options added on chat page.
[Updated] Admin panel selection basics for payment type “manual” or “automatic”
[Added] Remainder notifications for booking
[Updated] Time zone
[Updated] Android 13 version updated
[Updated] Bug Fixes

Meetdoc v1.1.1 – October 12, 2021
[Added] Android Migrated to API 30 and Scoped storage enforcement.
[Added] Stripe SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) Compliant Support
[Fixed] Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements
Meetdoc v1.1 – Apr 28, 2021
[Added] Web interface added
[Added] Digital Prescription
[Added] RTL
[Added] Dark Theme
[Added] Chat block option
[Added] Bug fixes and some performance improvements
[Modified] Access app without login
Meetdoc v1.0 – Nov 27, 2020
Admin :
[Added] Dashboard
[Added] Roles & Privileges
[Added] Manage Illness & Specialities
[Added] Insurance & Carriers
[Added] Cancellation Policies
[Added] Hospital Management
[Added] Doctors Management
[Added] Patients Management
[Added] Reservations
[Added] Rating & Reviews
[Added] Report
[Added] Site Settings
[Added] Payment Settings
[Added] Help pages
Apps :
[Added] Patient / doctor login, signup and patient social Login
[Added] User edit profile.
[Added] Custom options to change home page specialities
[Added] Search doctor by filters.
[Added] Doctor & hospital details.
[Added] Bookings, Booking details.
[Added] Instant chats.
[Added] Favourite doctors.
[Added] Multiple languages & currencies.
[Added] Invite friends
[Added] Rating and Reviews.
[Added] Doctor: Update portfolio images and certificates.
[Added] Doctor: Payout preference
[Added] Doctor: Calendar / Availability settings
[Added] Doctor Add / edit slots.
[Added] Doctor: Messages.
[Added] Doctor: Transaction History.
[Added] Doctor: Invite friends.
[Added] Doctor / User Email and push Notifications settings.
[Added] Doctor: Video Visit alert.
[Added] Contact page.
[Added] Help & Terms content.


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