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Planning a development strategy to build a Dating app? You don’t need rigorous research or codes to launch your long-term desired online dating platform. Our AI-powered best dating script is the secret love potion to turn your vision into reality.
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Understanding your Business needs and expectations completely is the first step in successful development.


Experts and our scalable dating script together shall help you get your top-notch online dating platform.


Developing an ideal AI-powered dating script to upgrade and dominate your online dating business niche.

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Powerful Features for Dating Script Gaurentees Compatability </>

Crafting an effective development strategy is crucial for crafting a winning dating app. Yet, in today’s competitive landscape, too many dating script ventures dive in without the necessary groundwork and strategic planning.

Without a strategy tailored to your unique offerings, technological capabilities, and customer demands, your dating app script risks falling short of its potential. It’s time to ensure your strategy is finely tuned to drive success and meet the dynamic needs of your audience.

Boost Settings

The user can show his/her profile on the top of the search result for 30 minutes when the other users search for matches in that location.


If any user of that app wishes to show their interest in any profile using the Super like option on that particular profile is a better way.


Allow users to like a profile of any other user on the app quickly and when their profile is liked back their profiles will be matched instantly.

Audio and Video call

Pave the way for better communication between the users with Audio calls and also to have face-to-face conversations anytime.

Filter Option

Allows users can filter the matches based on their purpose of using the dating app and start a better conversation with them.

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In the fast-paced world of dating apps, a solid development strategy is the key to standing out and capturing the market. Don’t fall behind the competition by rushing in unprepared! Without a meticulously crafted strategy that aligns with your app’s unique features, technological prowess, and the ever-evolving needs of your users, you risk missing the mark.

It’s time to take charge and ensure your strategy is finely honed to unlock the full potential of your dating app. Let’s not just meet but exceed the expectations of your audience, driving unparalleled success in this dynamic landscape.

Premium Settings

Offer premium membership plans with additional features to your users and thereby earn more revenue with more users using premium plans.

Unlimited Attributes

Users can reject a specific person’s profile by swiping left. Once the user’s profile is declined, then the particular user will be not visible anymore.

Attractive Designs

Our online dating platform comes with a visually stunning landing page and also can be tailored depending on the diverse business requirements.

Admin Dashboard

Admins can view and know the number of registered users, profiles, active users, key metrics, app usage, and many more.


Modified or included features in the dating script. You can make a request and approach our team to get the required customization support.

Revenue Factor

 Revenue-Generating Factors for the Best Dating Scripts to Monetize Love

Google Adsense

Allow advertisers to use adspace on your site to publish their advertisements. You can make more revenue from it as people use it day by day.

Boost and SuperLikes

Users on the online dating platform can use this feature or the Superlike option to get connected with matches easily and make a great profit from it.

Premium Membership

Premium users can enjoy several additional features. This premium membership is also a prime revenue factor for the Admin.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Generate revenues through various prime streams like host service fee, guest service fee, experience fee, etc.

Data-Driven Revenue Insights

Let artificial intelligence be your revenue strategist by analyzing guest behavior and expanding your profits.

Track Your Earnings

Stay on top of your income with our intuitive dashboard that gives insights into your earnings performance.

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Howzu is a stunning dating application that provides a convenient, user-friendly, and visually appealing platform for users to find and make friends with a new set of people all over the world. Try our demo to check out its smooth working process.


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Howzu is an impressive dating platform offering excellent opportunities for entrepreneurs to make an immense profit from it. The app also provides businessmen complete control over the entire process occurring on the platform.

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Empower your dating script with Add-ons to enjoy premium perks.

Face Recognization

Employ highly advanced face recognition technology for accurate verification of personal identity.

Chat Translation

Allow users to view the chat conversations in their preferred language using Google Translate in your online dating platform.

Voice Messages

Provide users a convenient way of instant communication in your app with voice messaging solutions and improve user experience.

Mobile Login with OTP

Effectively prevents fake registrations and orders on the website by offering users a hassle-free and secure registration along with OTP verification, to access the platform.


Make use of watermarks in your uploaded images to give maximum protection to ensure that the specific image cannot be copied or used without consent.

End-to-End Encryption in Chat

Gain customer loyalty by assuring complete protection of messages and conversations with end-to-end encryption

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What is the latest version?

The official latest version of our dating script is  Howzu v4.0.3

What technology is used for Audio and Video Call?

We use WebRTC for Audio and Video Call it is a free Opensource.

List out thing the things that i will get on purchasing the script?

Admin control One Landing page iOS & Android Apps Support & Update period as per the package you buy

Do I get 100% source code?

HowzU works on the based on single domain licensing. And so you will get 99.9% of open source code and 0.1% of source code will be encrypted for licensing.

Does it supports social media login?

Yes, you can signup via Facebook and via Email.

What is the feature of Premium Membership?

Premium Member can access unlimited friend requests,change the location at anytime at anywhere,they can reload the friend request again if they decline, they can hide their age and so on.

What does mean People from?

This option is used to find your friends based on same categories. For example If you click dating then you able to see the same categories of your friends nearby.

Does this script has unfriend option?

Yes,You can unfriend the person if you don’t want.

Does the premium plans can be manageable by admin?

Yes, admin can fix the price and time for each plan. And there is no limitation for adding the plans.

Web Server

Apache server, the most popularly used web/http server. It can installed as external server or on the same server as per your convenience


Go Lang (1.x or later)




PHP 7.2


For Instant Chat

Nodejs 8.x LTS version


Server should have the port number 2195 enabled for TCP – APN (Apple Push Notification)



Ioncube loader version 6 or above. Ion Cube PHP Extension decrypts the protected PHP files and optimizes their execution.


From MySQL 5.6 to MySQL 8.0,for its performance and scalability


Python Webtest (2.7.*)


SMTP for PHPMailer() function. “sendmail” recommended for linux based servers

smtp 1
Howzu v4.0.3 – November 30, 2022
[Added] Delete Account
[Removed] Facebook login
[Fixed] Bug Fixes and Performance improvements
[Added] Delete Account
[Removed] Facebook login
[Fixed] Bug fixes and performance improvements
Howzu v4.0.2 – September 21, 2021
[Added] Android Migrated to API 30 and Scoped storage enforcement.
[Fixed] Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements
Howzu v4.0.1 – July 08, 2021

[Fixed] Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

Howzu v4.0 – Sep 21, 2020

[Added] Boost an account to be top profiles in the area for 30 minutes
[Added] SuperLike a person to tell that you are specially interested.
[Added] Feeds shows a timeline of all your matches.
[Added] Likes you option lets you see who likes you before to like or nope.
[Added] Its Match popup shows after each matches
[Added] More profile information like Job, Company, School, Living In.
[Added] Privacy control option for Share feed.
[Added] Others option in Gender and Filter option as Everyone.
[Added] Apple login in iOS app.
[Added] Invoice and Manageable option for boost and super likes in admin panel.
[Added] Disable option in admin for version update popup.
[Added] Enable/Disable for App of the day popup.
[Added] Safety tips in chat page.
[Added] Help section
[Added] RTL Support
[Modified] Change Friends concept to Matches.
[Modified] Updated to Swift language in iOS app.
[Removed] Friend request option was removed for matching concept.

Howzu v3.5 – Oct 10, 2019

[Added] Web version of Howzu

Howzu v3.4 – August 26, 2019

[Added] Video call Swap option
[Updated] Migrated to AndroidX
[Updated] Webrtc call sdk updated
[Fixed] Bugs fixes and performance improvements

Howzu v3.3 – 7 December, 2018

[Fixed] UI fixes and Performance improvements for Android and iOS mobiles
[Fixed] UI and Bug fixes for web.

Howzu v3.2 – 13th November 2018
[Added] Notch support for Android and iOS mobiles
[Fixed] Hot fixes
Howzu v3.1 – 28 September, 2018
[Modified] Modified own profile page
[Added] Signup wizard for interest, I’m here to and profile picture
[Added] Edit your own profile
[Added] Security authorisation for access Api’s
[Added] Premium price for android and ios separately
[Added] App update info from admin
Howzu v3.0 – 7 May, 2018

[Added] Video and audio chat
[Added] Secure data between Server and Client
[Added] Delete chat history
[Added] Keyboard Emoji’s supportable
[Added] Auto spell keyboard suggestion
[Added] Unfriend option
[Update] Node.js Update to recent version
[Added] Email login and signup

Howzu v2.1 – 15 December, 2017

[Updated] Find people from near by location instead facebook location
[Fixed] Hot fixes

Howzu v2.0

[Added] Premium Feature – It will make admin to get revenue by Hide age, change location, rewind last swipe, hide ads, visitors and profile invisible option
[Added] Rewind Last Swipe – Premium user can rewind his last swiped people
[Added] Change location – Premium user can change his current location
[Added] Online – Now user can see people who in online, offline and away status
[Added] Visitors – Premium user can see people who visited your profile recently
[Added] App of the day – Admin can manage title, description, images and download link
[Added] Sort your favorite and recent friends in message section
[Added] Image share – Now you can send images in chat
[Updated] Profile Update – Get your last 5 profile images and last 25 interest from facebook
[Updated] Settings Update – Now you can enable/disable your notifications in settings

Howzu v1.0

[Added] Login with Facebook – You can easily login with your facebook account
[Added] Select People – Swipe to select your match
[Added] Notification – Get notification from people who wants to match you
[Added] Matches – Chat with your matches
[Added] Share – Share the app to invite your friends
[Added] Settings & Display preference – You can filter the people for find the perfect match


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