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How to build an outstanding video-sharing platform to edge out your competitors?

Shivani Suryakandan

25 Nov 2021 on Our Products · 6 min read


6 min read

True popularity isn’t the one that is followed after, but it is the one that follows after.

Any ambitious entrepreneur wouldn’t deny the fact that an app like Tiktok has strived hard to compete with giants in the online entertainment business sector. Though the uniqueness of the Tiktok script is one of the main reasons for its popularity, there are other apps that are similar to that of Tiktok. So, if you wish to know a lot more about how Tiktok managed to gain its popularity and what are other alternatives similar to Tiktok, check out this link of my previous blog.

And, if you are here after reading my previous blog then it’s time to explore other verticals before you start developing your desired video sharing platform. The one thing that matters equally to knowing your competitors is knowing your audiences. Be it any app, it would be regarded as outdated the minute it fails to attract users. So, what do you think that keeps the video-sharing platform like Tiktok the most demanded?

It’s not just the audiences, it’s the upgrading nature of the app that helps to meet the expectations of millennials. If you completely deny my statement then take a look at the statistics provided by the Global Web Index. The statistics clearly state that among all the trending social media app users 41% of them belong to the age group of 16 to 24. This age group constitutes exactly the Gen Z people who constantly seek a constructive platform to showcase their talents.

Thus, it’s evident that in order to stay ahead of your competitors and sustain success in the long run you must create a unique video sharing platform that meets the requirements and the ever-growing expectations of the users.

And, to get clear ideas on what did Tiktok do to not just retain but multiply its users despite the monstrous covid crisis and what a user does in an amazing video sarong platform like TikTok? stick with me until the end of this blog.

What are the measures taken by Tiktok to multiply its users during the COVID pandemic?

TikTok has managed to withhold a pool of audiences. It keeps finding ways to attract users. So, as an ambitious entrepreneur aspiring to create a video-sharing platform similar to Tiktok, have you ever given it a thought how TikTok has users addicted to it?

  • The first and foremost thing is that it’s convenient to use. Compared to other apps like Snapchat or Instagram, Tiktok has made it easy for its users to create, edit and upload videos. All it requires for a user to post content is just a smartphone.
  • It’s well-known that youngsters of today are glued to their smartphones. And, Tiktok has been created for the millennials in a way that adds fuel to their expectations.
  • TikTok easily learns the preferences of its audiences through the AI algorithm it uses. It is the reason behind the customized video feeds of the App which for sure serves to be a visual treat to their users.
  • Above all, TikTok made use of two sophisticated tools to earn its audiences. One is the paid media strategy and the other is the user acquisition strategy. These two profound strategies helped them to succeed as mobile app initially. Later, awareness about the app spread rapidly like a forest fire through its users.
  • In Addition to all points stated above, there is one last prime reason that Tiktok attracts users. The onboarding format for the app is so entirely different and convenient than any other app. This simply means that when you open the app you will not find any sign-up or tutorial and you will just get redirected straight into the app’s content.

Thus, the above mentioned are a few new strategies that have made Tiktok more appealing to Gen Z audiences. And, it is also believed that the flexibility of the app’s nature to change with the growing trend will continue to acquire users in the future. So, slowly Tiktok evolved to be the app that’s too funny and at the same time serves as an outlet to something that is not the same as what currently exists.

Yet, the concept of Tiktok can be attributed as something that’s completely new. Let me explain it a bit more clearly.

What does a user do in an amazing video-sharing platform like Tiktok?

Users using the app mostly prefer to lip-sync to their favorite songs and create a video then upload it on the app. In addition to this, such videos created by users can be made even more fantastic by using special filters, funny effects, and even by changing the background. Apart from this, users can also interact with others.

This app also enables users to watch millions of videos shared by other users under various relevant categories such as serious videos, funny, informative, creative, and much more. The Tiktok app is said to have more than 100 face filters and umpteen emoji stickers. This way users remain hastened to the app and continue to enjoy making videos as per their wish.

Now, your ambitious mind has believed that it would be best to recreate the success formula of Tiktok. Therefore, to achieve it, you need to be smart and quick as numerous entrepreneurs would have by now turned to develop an app like Tiktok too. So, to make it happen, you must opt for Tiktok clone scripts instead of building an app from scratch.

This would not just save the time and expense you put to develop an app from scratch, but it simplifies the herculean task. This way launching your dream video sharing platform can be done in a short while and within your budget when you opt for an astounding Tiktok clone script.
All you need to do is stop bothering much about what to do and start looking for such an authentic and perfect Tiktok clone script.

Take away

Began with the thirst for insights you have made it to the end of the blog. And, there is one last query that I have left unanswered. It is, Where to look for an eminent Tiktok clone script? Appkodes is the one-stop that has more than a decade of experience in materializing the ideas of many young entrepreneurs like you. Undoubtedly, here you will find the exact Tiktok clone script you are looking for.

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Therefore, all that is left for you to do is just get connected with the team and share your business ideas with them. Try to make the best use of their Tiktok clone script, Appkodes Fundoo. It’s time to let the big world and your competitors know about your much bigger dream of an online entertainment business. Best wishes on your upcoming new venture!

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