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On-demand Delivery App: Benefits and Features

Glory Simmons

17 Feb 2023 on Insights for Entrepreneurs · 10 min read

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10 min read

In the competitive business environment, customers are too busy to reach your business. In this situation, you need to take a step forward to reach your customers at their places and serve them better to increase your brand credibility.

This is where on-demand delivery services started gaining overwhelming responses from customers and businesses. On-demand delivery has become virtually painless mainly because of the extensive use of mobile apps.

What are on-demand delivery apps?

On-demand delivery apps are customized mobile applications that can cater to the demands of customers. Multiple businesses are involved in customer delivery services and they all need either a free on-demand delivery app or they may even want to build an on-demand delivery app.

The delivery platform acts as a perfect mediator between the service provider and the customer by offering a win-win business service. The best on-demand delivery app will refine the customer experience.

Stats about the on-demand delivery app

  • 7.6 million Americans have become service providers in the on-demand industry in 2020.
    Labors in the on-demand market are increasing by 18.5% every year.
  • The revenue generation of the on-demand service industry is expected to hit $161 billion by the end of 2023.
  • More than 51% of retailers use on-demand delivery apps to offer same-day delivery service to their customers.
  • 45% of smartphone users in the US are already enjoying on-demand app services.
  • In 2020, more than 44 million mobile users were using at least one food delivery app on their smartphones.
on-demand delivery app

Benefits of on-demand delivery app

Today every delivery-focused business is moving for digital transformation and planning to go for a reliable on-demand delivery app. This is mainly because they have understood the true benefits of the mobile application that will leverage their business in multiple ways. A few of them are listed below for your better understanding.

Business affordability

With the help of an on-demand delivery app, every entrepreneur may not worry about investing more in this business as they can hire more drivers and may not worry about transportation. The on-demand business model is set up in such a way that independent drivers or transporting companies need to take care of transportation for the fulfillment of the delivery service.


On-demand businesses have brighter futures and they are tending to expand in the future. Having a perfect on-demand delivery app will allow you to have more customers and better revenue. You can get complete business flexibility with a scalable on-demand solution.

Simplified delivery request

Customers prefer one-click solutions that will get them what they want. With an effective on-demand delivery app they can make their demand as requested and the platform can organize the request and deliver the appropriate service to the customer.

Enhanced customer service

Every delivery on-demand app will have multiple communication channels that will help customers easily communicate with the platform owner and get their queries cleared. The best on-demand delivery app will support in-app chat with users. They will be allowed to track their deliveries and can plan their schedule accordingly.

Ratings and reviews

Every business needs to know how its customers feel after getting their product or service. This can be obtained by getting reviews and ratings from customers. The on-demand delivery app will let customers share their reviews and rate the service. Positive reviews will add to your brand credibility. If you get negative reviews then you can enhance your service to satisfy your customers.

Easy customer retention

With the help of an on-demand delivery app, you can provide various offers and discounts to your regular customers. This will increase their satisfaction with your brand and will keep using your service often. So, you can also retain your customers and get repeated orders from them.

on-demand delivery app

Features of on-demand delivery apps

Many on-demand service apps have entered the market. But very few were able to survive. Have you ever wondered why they couldn’t survive? The main reason is the feature that the platform offers. The features should satisfy the main three user groups which are the customers, delivery partners, and the admin. Let us find out the essential features of each user group.

Customer-centric features

More attention is needed while building the custom features of the on-demand delivery app. Since the competition is high, customers may easily get distracted if the features are attractive. Make sure that all the below-mentioned features are included in your on-demand delivery app.

  • Easy sign-up – This is the first experience a customer is going to have with your platform. Make it simpler and allow social media login that will save their time in registering with the platform.
  • Service/product searching – Searching should be in advanced form. Customers should be able to find out the product or service with simple keywords. You can integrate a location map and can allow geo-location search that will help users to find nearby delivery services.
  • Delivery schedule – The main convenience that any customer prefer is to have a scheduled delivery. As they can request a delivery, they should be able to schedule their delivery also. So, keep in mind to support the delivery schedule.
  • Real-time tracking – There is no compromise in this feature as it supports customers in knowing the status of their delivery. You need to allow real-time geo-location tracking and keep your customers informed about their delivery.
  • In-app chat – To keep your customers engaged, you need to provide an in-app chat facility. This is the best support system you can offer your customers and can know their feedback instantly and can do the needed.
  • Push notifications – To make your on-demand delivery app look active all the time, you need to keep sending updates to your customers and delivery partners frequently. This can be obtained by having a push notification feature.
  • Order management – Customers should be able to handle all their delivery requests and orders made through the delivery app. They can either edit or cancel any orders at their convenience.
  • Multiple payment options – This is the most crucial feature that will make an on-demand delivery app stand ahead in the market competition. Integrate multiple payment gateways and allow customers to choose their convenient payment mode.

Delivery partner features

This is another major user group of the on-demand delivery app. Delivery partners will register with the delivery platform and will oblige to all rules and regulations of the platform. To gain the attention of delivery partners, your platform should provide more features that facilitate delivery partners.

  • Order management – Delivery partners should have the option to accept or reject any delivery service request. They should be able to manage all orders and should keep a track of them.
  • Chat support – They should be given exclusive chat support that will let them have direct contact with the customer who has made the delivery request. This will avoid all delivery confusion and will enhance customer service.
  • GPS route support – Delivery partners need to reach the customer’s place in less time. For this, they need exclusive GPS route support that will find them the shortest route to the customers’ place. This will get them a good rating from customers.
  • Payment tracker – For each delivery made by the delivery partner, the platform will provide a commission as agreed by the delivery partner before they start working with the delivery platform. The payment tracker will support delivery partners to keep a track of all the payments they have received.
  • Ratings and reviews – Every delivery partner should be allowed to view the ratings and reviews given by the customer. This will help them to improvise their delivery service and increase their brand reputation.

Admin features

The admin is the key person who will be managing the entire on-demand delivery app. So more control should be given to the admin through admin-centric features. This will let him have a perfect delivery-focused business.

  • User-friendly interface- This is the most essential feature that will let the admin have an easy way of managing the platform. The user-friendly c-panel will let the admin effectively simplify his business operations.
  • Customer management – Every on-demand delivery app may need to handle thousands of customers. The admin should be able to add or delete any customer from the delivery app.
  • Delivery partner management – This is also another user group and the admin takes the responsibility of handling all order and payment operations for every individual delivery partner.
  • Secured payment integration – As the admin needs to offer multiple payment options to customers, he needs to integrate several payment gateways and also should assure a secured payment transaction to customers.
  • Real-time tracking – Once the delivery request is made by the customer, the delivery partner will be assigned to fulfill the delivery process. The admin should be able to track all deliveries through the real-time tracking feature.
  • Reporting and analytics – Customer analysis is very crucial for any business. This can be carried out through advanced analytics. You will be able to get reports about your business performance and you will be able to do the necessary corrections to enhance your service.
  • In-built marketing features – This will help the admin to gain brand reach effortlessly. With an SEO-friendly on-demand delivery app, you can easily gain SERP and can get more customers to your platform. You can also make use of other marketing tools like PPC, and SEM, to promote your brand among your audience.

Which businesses need the support of an on-demand delivery app?

Few industries are focused while developing an on-demand delivery mobile application. You need to make sure that your business lies within these industries.

  • Retails and Delivery
  • Beauty and salon services
  • Healthcare and Fitness
  • Food and grocery delivery
  • On-demand Tax services
  • On-demand domestic services
  • Courier services
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How to build an on-demand delivery app?

We have the most important segment which is building the best on-demand delivery app. We have given a step-by-step guide that will help you to frame your delivery app and build your delivery-focused business.

  • Set your target audience – Each delivery business will have its set of target audiences which varies from each other. So, according to your business, you need to set your audience.
  • Create a customer journey map – before you start creating an on-demand delivery app, you need to frame your customer journey map. You need to organize your app from the customer’s point of view.
  • Go for an expert’s help – to build an on-demand delivery app, you need to hire a skilled developer who can build your delivery app from scratch. For this, you need to approach either any leading app development company or you can hire a freelancer.
  • Get a perfect hosting plan – this is a very crucial part as you need to make your platform go live. Only with the help of a hosting service provider, you can make this happen.
  • Launch and promote your platform – once you have finalized the hosting provider, you can launch your platform and go live. Meanwhile, you can build proper marketing strategies to gain better reach among your audience.
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