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On-demand Laundry App Development


22 Oct 2022 on Insights for Entrepreneurs · 7 min read

On-demand laundry app development

7 min read

In earlier days, people asked, “Why do I need a mobile app for something that is already well managed?” are long gone. Today, on-demand mobile applications are causing a whirl in the business world. They play a significant role in how we live.

Such simplicity is offered by on-demand services. Even though you don’t have a large staff or a car fleet, you can still manage a substantial business.

Who would have believed that the dry cleaning mobile app industry could go online? Who would have thought that people would want a laundry app to be created?

Well, traditional businesses have a lot to gain from an on-demand business model. But if it’s anything, it’s slowly starting to feel like a necessity. Why would anyone spend their weekend time washing clothes when they could spend it doing what they love?

This thought gave rise to on-demand laundry app services. Therefore, if you want to create a mobile app for dry cleaning or get a laundry app created, we have you covered for all the things here. Hold back and read the full blog on launching your own on-demand laundry app in 2022. First we will start off with the market overview of on-demand laundry apps.

Market overview of on-demand laundry apps

Now we can quickly look into some interesting statistics facts about the on-demand laundry services,

According to Statista, the laundry care segment will bring in USD 83738 M at a CAGR of 1.8% by the end of 2020. According to another Statista report, the market for laundromats and dry cleaning services will be worth $14.5 billion by 2025. Also, according to research from Business Wire, the market for online on-demand laundry services will increase by US$58.02 billion between 2020 and 2024.

This growth indicates that there will be many opportunities for newcomers to establish themselves in this still-evolving market. We simply cannot discount the role that a personalized laundry and dry cleaning mobile app played in reaching this milestone.

U.s Laundry Facilities & Dry-cleaning Service Market Size

I have explained clearly the market overview of laundry apps. So let’s move on to the concept of on-demand laundry app services. If you know the concept only then you can proceed further in laundry app development.

Concept of On-demand Laundry app

Let us help you better understand how a mobile app for an on-demand laundry service operates, so that you can understand this industry and laundry apps better.

The rinser, delivery driver, and customer are the participants in an on-demand laundry service.


A customer orders laundry through a website or an app. In addition, he has the option of setting a pickup time for the laundry.

Delivery driver

The delivery person gathers the laundry and transports it to the rinser at the appointed time. When the laundry is finished, the rinser summons a delivery person, who picks up the clean clothing and returns it to the customers.


Once the customer’s order has been confirmed by the rinser, the laundry is delivered to the rinser, who then washes, dries, and irons the clothes before returning them to the customers.

The user can complete their entire laundry task with just a few clicks and taps. The concept is very important, but it is necessary that you have to know about the business models also.

Business Models for On-Demand Laundry Industry

You should think about your preferred business model before entering the on-demand laundry industry. Choose one of three potential models based on your current situation and future business goals.

Business Models For On-Demand Laundry Industry

On-site, on-demand business model

If you run a laundry/dry cleaning service company and have trained staff working for you, then it is viable. Building a website and an on-demand laundry app will help you grow your business and offer a great customer experience in this situation. Your customers will be able to schedule a laundry pick-up, get notifications when the laundry is finished, get clothes delivered at a specific time, and pay for services conveniently by adding specific tech solutions.

This model is used by WashClub, a laundry company in Brooklyn, New York. The company made the decision to use an app that provides laundry pickup and delivery services to grow its business outside of its immediate neighborhood.

In-store, on-demand model

Businesspeople who don’t want to hire staff to pick up clothes will benefit from this model. Instead, customers return their clothing to designated lockers scattered throughout the city. By using such a model, your customers can add information about each item, such as whether it needs special handling, add delivery times, view the prices, and make payments through the app.

This model is used by Tide Cleaners, a laundry company. Users drop off their clothes at the lockers and then use the app to select the services they need. The app also sends notifications to users when their clothes are ready for pickup.

Marketplace (aggregation model)

Marketplace (aggregation model). This model works best for new businesses without their own equipment. In this model, an app essentially functions as a marketplace, with all services being provided by participating laundry providers, but transactions being handled by the marketplace operator.

Every transaction the platform processes generates revenue for the entrepreneurs. They will additionally have access to user profiles. After using the service, customers can rate it, choose a laundry store based on reviews from other users, and conduct simple transactions on the platform.

For example, we can take the company Laundrapp, which uses this model. The business collaborates with service providers and offers a range of prices based on the provider and the location.

Up to now, we have seen the market overview of the laundry business, the concept of laundry apps and their business models. Now, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur or want to start your own laundry app business, first you have to know about the cost of developing a laundry app.

Cost to develop a laundry app

The price of an app can be calculated by adding up the hours spent on each stage of the app development process, which consists of several stages.

Platform selection, design guidelines, and the infrastructure of the admin panel and backend are used to describe these stages. Let’s now examine how many hours were spent on each stage:

  • It takes between 140 and 210 hours for iOS and Android app design
  • Less than 800 hours for iOS development
  • Up to 750 hours for Android development
  • Up to 200 hours for backend infrastructure development
  • Up to 60 hours for admin panel building

We estimated the number of hours. We now need to take the physical location of the developers into account in order to calculate the overall cost of developing a laundry app. It’s because the hourly wages of developers vary depending on where they live.

How much does it cost to build a laundry app?

Here is the average rate for building laundry apps in various countries.

  • US-based developers charge between $100 to $250 per hour
  • Developers in Eastern Europe charge between $50 and $150 per hour
  • Indian developers charges between $15 and $80 per hour

We calculated the average cost of developing a laundry app for a single platform to be between $12,000 and $30,000. We did this by multiplying the total number of development hours by the developer’s hourly rate.

Many would take a step back from making their own app after seeing the time taken and cost of developing a laundry app. But don’t do it. There is an alternative way to develop your laundry app. Do you want to know how? Then, continue reading the next section of on-demand laundry app development, from that you will get an idea.

On-demand Laundry App Development

Are You Ready to develop a on-demand laundry app in 2022

When coming to on-demand laundry app development, we are doing more kinds of development in various fields. As said in the previous section, there is an alternative way to build your laundry app at a lower cost and in less time. I.e., Readymade clone scripts. With the help of readymade scripts you can save your time and cost. It is the easiest way of app development.

However, if you have any questions about the creation of on-demand laundry apps or if you have a novel idea for how to market your own laundry app, let us know. To obtain a top-notch laundry app script, contact us or schedule a call with us right away.

All the best for your new venture !!

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