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What To Look For In A Multi-Vendor Script to Develop Your Desired Ecommerce Platform


06 Aug 2018 on Insights for Entrepreneurs · 9 min read

Things to look for in a multi-vendor script to develop your desired ecommerce platform

9 min read

The horizon of business is expanding every minute. A famous saying goes, “The value of ecommerce is not in the ‘e’ but in the commerce”. On the contrary, the entire commerce is dependent on the internet these days. This became possible since the advent of online shopping, and the range of gadgets that are now available.

Asides from this there are other factors that give a digital push. Some of the factors that aided with managing ecommerce business development are, email communication with customers, use of the internet to manage business activities, etc. which for sure is a positive sign.

The covid-19 pandemic made a significant difference on e-commerce. Similarly, the closing of all the brick-and-mortar stores around the world has put things to good. This led the shoppers to flock towards the internet to get their needs done.

Thus, this is the right time for aspiring and ambitious entrepreneurs to set foot into online business and build an astounding ecommerce platform similar to existing renowned ones. For instance, among most of the successful entrepreneurs of online businesses, there are those who developed an online platform using a clone script of existing popular apps.

People are dependent on ecommerce platforms to shop

Therefore, opting for clone solutions seems to be the smartest way that building an app from scratch. As a result of this most business owners are always in search of a perfect multi-vendor ecommerce script to build their online shopping platform.

So, by using the exact authentic clone script, like an Amazon clone you can develop your own multi-vendor website in just a few minutes. On the other hand, you need to find an effective readymade solution. Certainly, you can meet all the requirements of multi-vendor platform development.

Asides from these, there are various other ways in which a clone script proves to be reliable with setting up your online business. To know about it in detail, check out our new youtube video by clicking on the link provided below.

And, that’s why we’ve created this blog. Here you’ll get insights on recent statistics of ecommerce script, facts of global ecommerce, the most essential features of an multi-vendor ecommerce script, and limitations of opting for an ecommerce script. So stay glued until the end of this blog.

Recent statistics on popular ecommerce platforms

You may be sure of setting up your online business platform but if you are still not convinced about opting for an ecommerce script, then take a look at the stated statistics and the graph that illustrates the ecommerce sales worldwide in the U.S dollars despite the covid 19 pandemics.

  • Customers have started to rely on online shopping. So, undeniably by 2040 purchases made online will increase by 95%
  • Secondly, ecommerce sales are expected to double by 2023, ie from $2.3 to $4.5
  • In the U.S. where online shopping accounted for about 10%, retail sales are expected to grow at the rate of 10% /P.A.
  • It has been found that 96% of Americans would have made at least one online purchase in their life.
  • Above all, of all ecommerce sales, Amazon is said to count for 44% of sales.
Graph showing Worldwide ecommerce sales

Hope this data would have helped you gain a better understanding of the scope of the ecommerce platform in the days to come. The data stated above stands as proof that even with limited capital one can set up an online business nowadays.

Ecommerce is no more a cherry on the cake, It’s the new cake.

Now, you will understand the expectations of customers in a multi-vendor ecommerce script. Most importantly, you kneed to be aware of the advantages too as,
When you know better, you do better.

The advantages of ecommerce platforms

Let us now take a closer look at the advantages of an ecommerce platform.

i)Sell internationally- An ecommerce platform allows you to price and ship your products to customers across the globe. Moreover, this helps you to build your brand quite faster. Thus, the chances of earning your niche among your competitors are high.

ii)Showcase Bestsellers- It’s easier to show off products to your customers in an ecommerce platform just by displaying the list of best sellers. That is to say, it’s easier for your customers to know the best-sellers in an online store. Thus, by listing the best sellers you give your customers a strong message that, someone has already bought them and is happy with their purchase.

Consumer gets basic requirement without leaving their house

iii)Process a high number of orders- An astounding ecommerce platform reduces the waiting time. This just means that a customer can place their orders without delay. So, this lets you accept more orders. As you get to process a high number of orders without difficulty your business continues to grow.

iv)Organic business growth- you can grow organic traffic and sales with ecommerce blogging. Meanwhile, by making videos, writing blog content, etc you’ll be able to optimize your store to drive traffic and sales without having to spend more money. Plus, you’ll be able to not only get traffic organically through content creation but you’ll also be able to monetize those customers with retargeting ads.

I’m confident that by now you must have gained awareness of the popularity of the ecommerce marketplace and the advantage of developing a platform similar to any existing popular ecommerce app. Yet you need to know about the intrigue features to look for in an eminent ecommerce script.

Features to look for in an eminent ecommerce script

We can see the most essential features which the customers expect in the multi-vendor ecommerce script like Amazon Clone script.

Precise description about pricing and shipping details

When customers make their purchase on a multi-vendor platform, they will always look for clear pricing and shipping information. It is one of the most important expectations of customers in a multi-vendor ecommerce platform.

Also, according to a survey report, the key reason for the shopping cart abandonment is the unexpected high pricing of the products. So, it is essential to give accurate pricing and shipping details of the products.

The credibility of the website

Credibility is the second essential feature that the customers look for in a multi-vendor ecommerce script. It is more important for your website to leave a strong first impression on the customer’s mind. Achieve this by building your site with an effective and attention-grabbing design.

You can display your store ratings to potential customers. Thereby gaining their confidence and trust in your platform. Also, mention your store’s mailing address and other contact details on the contact page.

You must be very cautious while developing your multi-vendor platform as customers will get scared with the warning messages and the expired SSL certificates on your platform.

Attention-grabbing product displays on the homepage

After the successful creation of a visually appealing website for your online platform, it is essential to include astonishing product images on your multi-vendor platform’s homepage. Customers nowadays are in search of attractive product displays to know clearly what the platform sells.

So, it is essential to impress your customers with alluring product images and clear descriptions. Before jumping into the product display and description action, consider the below factors.

  • You can capture your product from multiple angles. Gain additional benefits by giving a 360-degree view of your product.
  • Products display with a solid color background such as white.
  • There should be a precise product description with simple and straight-to-point details such as attributes and types.
Full-fledged ecommerce platform

Mobile Commerce

You can definitely boost conversion rates and enhance the engagement of your customers in your ecommerce site through personalized mobile apps. Customers can search products, view information, and purchase items seamlessly through mobile apps.

Flexible commissions

Admin can charge commissions for each and every sale. In addition to this various subscription plans such as on a percentage basis or as fixed rates will be carried out. The commission can be applied based on products, individual sellers, or based on their sales.

Multiple vendors purchase

Allow your customers to make their purchases from the multiple vendors of their choice in an ecommerce platform. There should be no restriction on this customer’s choice or else they will get annoyed with the site and might prefer to go for an alternate website to complete their purchase.

All the items purchased by a customer from multiple vendors can be delivered to the same address of that particular customer. After the product delivery, vendors will be paid accurately with the help of the split payment option.

Default language

Customers must be allowed to view the store name, product information, and other details of various vendors in their local language. However, even when a vendor’s store information is in French, Arabic, English, German or other languages, customers must be able to switch the language. Therefore, they can understand any specific information in their preferred language.

So, you have gained a complete understanding of the popularity of ecommerce platforms, their advantages, and what to look for in an eminent ecommerce script. Yet, Do you know where to look for one such awe-inspiring ecommerce script?

Ecommerce platform developed using a clone script

The Key Takeaway:

As discussed before, the ecommerce business keeps expanding. Consumer experiences keep growing with the passing of each day. Therefore, before their dreams get lost in dust an ambitious entrepreneur should make use of an amazing ecommerce clone script like an amazon clone script

And, the only place where you can find an exact, handpicked, and deftly crafted ecommerce script is Appkodes. Appkodes with its team of professional and skillful developers continues to materialize the dreams of many entrepreneurs into reality.

So, without making further delay get connected with their team. Get your dream ecommerce platform designed as per your online business plan. Good Luck with your novel venture!

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