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08 Oct 2022 on Insights for Entrepreneurs · 10 min read

Short Form Videos

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The majority of people around the world spend their free time on social media apps to unwind after a long, stressful day at work. To relieve their stress and work pressure, they simply engage on social media platforms, like viewing pictures, seeing reels, and much more.

They will consistently watch this type of content more frequently if it is more interesting and appealing. Otherwise, people won’t be as attached to social media apps.

Eventually the advent of short-form video has made these social media platforms so fascinating and captivating. The SFV draws a lot of viewers who keep coming back to watch it, and only then do they become famous.

But the internet is overflowing with content, and marketers who think outside the box will only come out on top. To reach the mighty apex point, you must learn how to engage your audience with engaging videos.

Consequently, if you are a business owner or aspiring entrepreneur who wants to launch your own attractive app or want to transform your boring app into a more engaging app, keep reading this article. Here you will find more ideas to change your app into a fantastic new model with short videos. For that, first, you have to know about short-form videos.

About Short-form videos

Short-form videos are those that last between 60 seconds and two minutes and 20 seconds on average. However, the optimal video length may differ depending on the platform. Many platforms are using these short-form videos and have become successful in that.

Actually, Brands and creators use short-form videos to showcase content in new ways, share information, or convey messages. They can be used strategically in marketing content to elicit viewers’ emotions and personalize a brand. Through these videos, customers interact with your brand on a personal level. You can use video advertising to grab their attention at various points.

Short-form video content is already an excellent way to reach millennials and younger generations, who prefer short-form videos to all other forms of media currently available. Let’s see the evolution of short form videos in the next section.

Evolution of short form videos

Actually the short form videos have started getting famous from the year – 2012. After that it has gradually changed in the years 2013 to 2022. Now in 2022 the short form videos are still a king. Let’s see the evolution of short form videos through the below image to get a better idea.

Evolution of Short Form Videos

It’s 2022, and short-form video is still king! The following is a timeline of how it came to be:

In the year 2012:

Snapchat introduced 10-second videos after its one year of launch. Users could record short videos and send them to friends. Despite the fact that the videos were short-lived, they helped the platform gain daily viewers. Stories were introduced in 2013, and instead of disappearing after being viewed, they vanished after 24 hours.

Over the years, Snapchat has introduced several features to engage users, including filters, lenses, and numerous editing tools. Today, Snapchat remains one of the most popular platforms, and it is constantly adding new features, such as short series.

In the year 2013:

The introduction of Vine, a social media platform where users post 6-second looping videos, contributed to the popularity of short-form. It quickly rose to prominence as one of the most rapidly growing social media platforms. Soon after, popular content creators known as viners emerged and began to monetize their work.

In the years 2014 and 2016: became a popular video platform after the rise of Vine in 2014, allowing users to create up to 60-second lip-synching videos. By 2016, it had become one of the most rapidly growing social platforms.

In the year 2017:

It was also one of the first times we saw users required to base content on a specific sound. Bytedance Technology, Co. purchased in 2017. Vine was officially shut down in 2017 due to an increase in competitors that it could not keep up with.

In the year 2018:

In 2018, Bytedance merged the apps and Douyin and launched TikTok globally. TikTok allows users to create videos of up to 60 seconds in length, but with the ability to use original sound or sound bytes, a wider range of filters, and more editing options. The app saw significant growth with over 800 million.

However, what set TikTok apart was the ability to personalize the content that users saw on the “for your page” (FYP). TikTok’s algorithm is one of the most effective at providing users with what they want. It has enabled businesses, brands, and influencers to better reach their target audiences.

In the year 2020:

In response to TikTok’s rapid growth, Instagram and Facebook introduced Reels. Users could create short videos, similar to Tik Tok, and share them on the feed and, if they have public accounts, on the explore page. Instagram provided a location for users to edit these videos and rewarded users who used these features. The algorithm prioritized reels with popular sounds and now allows users to search for sounds.

Then YouTube Shorts were also introduced in the year 2020. YouTube Shorts is YouTube’s short-form video-sharing platform. The platform hosts user content in the same way that YouTube does, but pieces are limited to 60 seconds in length. YouTube Shorts has received over 5 trillion views since its launch.

Is the short-form format on its way out? Certainly not. Its popularity is growing, and social media platforms are emphasizing it more. People, on the other hand, seem to prefer shorter, less edited content. Now, by looking at its reports and statistics, let’s quickly assess the short-form video’s level of popularity.

The popularity of short-form videos – Statistics and Reports

Since 2020, short-form videos have grown in popularity, owing primarily to the rise in popularity of TikTok. They are more widely watched, have a greater impact, and can persuade anyone when used correctly. These videos are also excellent for educational purposes and demonstrate an amazing company culture. Short-form video is unquestionably the future of social media.

Highlights of Short Form Video Statistics

The popularity of short-form videos on social media has steadily increased. And the statistics continue to point to a friendlier short-video market. Now we can look at some of the important statistics for short-form videos.

  • In 2022, 51% of short-form video marketers intend to increase their investment.
  • Short-form videos will last an average of 3 minutes and 23 seconds in 2022.
  • At 30%, short-form video marketing has the highest ROI of any social media marketing strategy.
  • In 2023, short-form videos are expected to account for 90% of all internet traffic.
  • According to ReelnReel, short-form video is the most popular type of content on social media today.
  • An estimated 1.6 billion people will use short-form videos to communicate by 2022.
  • Short-form video will account for 40% of all videos on social media, making it the most popular type of content.
  • Short-form video will account for 80% of total mobile data traffic in North America by 2023.
  • By 2023, short-form video ad revenue will exceed $10 billion.
Short Form video statistics

Current and future reports

Online video consumption has skyrocketed in recent years, with a surge in users fueled by prolonged stay-at-home periods during the pandemic.

According to a Bain & Company report, India’s large Internet user base of approximately 640 million, of which approximately 550 million are smartphone users, is rapidly growing and spending more time online.

The market is currently occupied by a mix of global social media/video giants such as Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, and YouTube Shorts, as well as other homegrown companies such as Moj, Josh, MX TakaTak, and Roposo.

Indians are increasingly following short-form videos and apps. According to recent reports, the reach of short-form videos among total smartphone users in India is expected to increase from 46% to 80% by 2030. According to industry experts, the rise in consumption of short-form videos is due to audiences’ desire for relevant and engaging content.

For two reasons, people have begun to pay more attention to shorter formats. One is that consumers’ attention spans have shrunk over the last three decades, with shorter formats becoming more prevalent.

The second critical factor is the constant desire for new and engaging content. Now let’s quickly look into the benefits of short-form videos. After that, only then can we decide why we have to choose these short-form videos in your apps.

The Advantages of Short-Form Video

Short-form videos allow people to consume information quickly. When done correctly, they can aid in developing brand identity and lead to increased conversions.

The following are the benefits of short-form videos

It encourages greater participation.

Short-form videos can increase engagement with targeted audiences, especially younger generations who prefer video over all other forms of content.

Videos are frequently shared on social media, and enabling your videos for feedback and comments can result in increased engagement and interaction between your brand and customers.

It builds community

Viewers can develop a sense of community through short-form video campaigns. A brand challenge, for example, can entice viewers to try something new, share their unique insights, and participate in a competition or trend.

As a result of doing so, participants frequently feel a connection to the brand and to a community of other brand challenge participants.

This Ranks Higher in Google Search Results

Even in short form, this benefits your SEO by keeping visitors’ attention longer, keeping them on the platform, and potentially leading to higher Google rankings.

The Google algorithm considers how much time users spend on websites like YouTube and ranks them higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

It makes you unique in front of your desired audience

Consumers’ attention spans are shrinking as a result of the constant barrage of visual content competing for their attention.

You can get ahead of the competition and engage more of your target audience by leveraging the capabilities and attractiveness of short-form content.

It produces memorable content

Short-form content is easier to consume and remember, as it avoids unnecessary fluff that adds nothing to the video’s message or theme.

As a result, your targeted audience will find it more impactful and memorable. Now, we quickly look into the main section, i.e., how this short form video helps entrepreneurs and business people.

What does all of this mean for business people?

Short-form videos have a high market value, particularly for new businesses. Take the Dollar Shave Club as an example. What began as a viral video on YouTube has grown into a behemoth of a brand.

And that’s not the end of the examples. There are numerous success stories like this one that demonstrate the importance of short videos.

Short videos have a higher clickthrough rate, which is all you need for entrepreneurs. People who run eCommerce businesses are particularly interested in short videos. For example, 84% of people say watching a video makes them more likely to buy a product.

Without a doubt, short-form videos are gradually climbing the graph. Long-form videos are great for information and brand loyalty, but shorter videos are better for public relations.

With the above note, if you are an entrepreneur and want to launch your app or integrate these short-form videos into your app, then you need to seek the help of a reputed clone script development firm.

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