This post guides every business visionary about how one can make or begin the way towards building an online taxi booking system, an app like Uber.

It’s a given that transportation has been lending assistance and providing an exact outcome to individuals throughout the world. While there are comprising ways by which individuals can drive, taxis are the most worthy methods for transportation in this technological era as they are not hesitant to give an access, friendly and peaceful riding experience.

It does not shock anyone that taxi booking business is catching on big time, giving a definitive result to new companies to dive into this vocation.

Platforms like Uber have been esteemed at 18.2 billion and has been sponsored by investors who firmly have confidence in its plan of action. While Lyft is another developing car booking and pooling service that takes a shot at pretty much a similar path, there is as yet the potential for service providers that can get interesting thoughts.

There are a few platforms reclassifying the taxi experience by focusing on ease and experience. Over the most recent years, the on-demand taxi booking service has extended to a few nations, making a billion dollar industry. While accommodation has earned premium interest, web and mobile innovation are at the center of the taxicab benefit.

In the event that you are planning an online taxicab aggregator platform, at that point, you require a software product that conveys all the required features and offers adaptability for future additions. Examine your site and mobile application needs with an experienced group of designers and developers to launch a successful clone.

Thinking about all the technical aspects, Appkodes have made an intelligible online taxi booking app – Cabso, that enables new startups and business visionaries and entrepreneurs to begin with their own taxi booking business online.

taxi booking script

Platforms like OlaCabs, Uber, and Taxiforsure are essentially taxicab aggregators that partners with private cab operators to give rides on request. The revenue model of such platforms depends on pay-for-performance, and it charges a commission from taxi operators on each ride it makes. Notwithstanding that, they likewise charge a nominal expense from operators for offering access to its innovation platform.

It’s regular to standardize a business model alluding to key player’s medium. Either in the event that we do as such or not, the core is to assume a cab aggregator part. It’s the situation with Uber also. The app should successfully interface user’s demand for a ride with taxi owners/operators, around which the business model should revolve. Income can be obtained from the cab owners/operators for activating their administration through the application. Likewise, on each effective completion of a ride, a fixed percentage of the commission should be given to the aggregator by the owner/operator.

What is Cabso ?

Cabso is an on-demand transportation app, which gives you a chance to support your own taxi booking platform like Uber, Lyft, Hailo, LeCab, BlaBlaCar, Didi Chuxing, GrabTaxi, and so on. It has been sharply created, thinking about all the cardinal innovative perspectives at the top of the priority list.

Why Cabso for your on-demand taxi booking business?

The taxi business has figured out how to influence the entrepreneurs quite agilely. It had obtained profitable thought according to a new age with their obvious work. Remembering this, Cabso comes packaged with numerous highlights that will enable you to kick-start your online taxi booking business successfully.

Business Model :

taxi booking script

Passenger Panel

Register or Login:

The primary segment is, not surprisingly, a login or registration window. Users can enlist by means of their email or social networking profiles.

Home Screen:

Here the user can book a taxi/cab or check the distance between the destination and his current location alongside the estimated fare.

Driver Rating:

In this segment, customers can leave reviews or feedbacks for each individual driver.


Under the payment area, users can pay for the fare notwithstanding securely sparing the credit or debit card credentials in the event that they need quicker transactions.

Push Notifications and Messaging:

In this area, the user of the application can switch between push notification on the app or messaging option with the goal that user would text to the driver about the current status.

Ride History:

This format shows not just all the past ride history and exchanges yet additionally permits re-booking the same trip in one single click.

Real-Time Map Plotting:

The feature enables the user to see the driver/cab coming. This expands user commitment and dependability.

Schedule Ride:

The user gets the option to either Book Now or Book Later. Ride Scheduling is an astounding feature that furnishes the users with added functionality.

Driver Panel

The Driver Panel segment has similar options like the registration, login, messaging, help and the push notification as developed for passenger panel, however, there are some extra features which are one of a kind, for example,

Driver Status and profile:

This segment is for driver subtle elements as they have to include additional verification proofs like license, tax numbers, and other identity proofs.

Ride Alert:

Drivers will get the alert on the off chance that somebody books the trip and they additionally can set the status of their availability on or off just by toggling on to the screen.


This board encourages the driver to discover the shortest path starting with one place then onto the next.


It gives a look at the general invoices, total earning every day and every one of the rides the driver did in one day or amid a month.

Admin Panel

Like each taxi aggregator app development, this app would likewise have an admin panel with the goal that the owner of the taxi or travel agency can oversee and keep track the greater part of that which is going on consistently. Administrator Panel additionally offers a speedy sneak look or review of the payroll and the greater part of the information.

Such Admin Panel would enable the entire complicated process look bothered free and transparent. Building up an Admin Panel is a standout amongst the most troublesome app projects to create in any taxicab booking application development lifecycle, along these lines, it should be done all the time. The administrator can likewise interface Google Analytics and other monitoring tools or devices to get a visual overview.

Some focus areas to become successful

  • Get a mobile Application. It is must and a need for this industry.
  • Search for Professional and skilled drivers. One terrible driver can let your brand down
  • Before entering the market, manufacture your taxi base in order to take care of the demand.
  • Ensure customer reach: Your taxi administrations ought to be accessible at most extreme places in a city.
  • Minimum waiting time: Less the waiting time, happier customer
  • Multiple Payment Methods: User should be able to make payment through the online wallet and also by cash if they want.

Build the next billion dollar cab booking company

The Indian Taxi market is worth around $8 billion out of which just 5% is overseen by sorted out the segment. This implies there is sufficient space for clones. On the off chance that you are planning a taxi/cab booking platform, at that point, you can’t stand to pass up a major opportunity for these features. Make your prospects in taxi/cab booking system brighter by adding new highlights in your clone. Discuss your mobile application requirements with a team of designers and developers to launch a successful online taxi booking service.

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