How to Build an App Like Airbnb Now? Make it Suitable for Any Renting Business.

How to Build an App like Airbnb Now?

For many aspiring business owners with great ideas but limited resources, the story of Airbnb is especially inspiring.

Starting to rent airbeds in their apartment, two designers, Brian Chesky, and Joe Gebbia, revolutionized the hotel industry. Eventually, this concept became Airbnb.

With one-of-a-kind housing choices, this website, whose name comes from the phrase “air mattress B&B”, Bed & Breakfast, links tourists all around the world.

Their successes highlight the innovative potential of the holiday rental business sector. The creators developed their concept into a company linking renters of spare hotel rooms, apartments, or even entire homes for short terms. This idea slowly evolved and guests were allowed to reserve straight via the Airbnb app. The image below illustrates how Air Mattress and Bed & Breakfast turned into Airbnb in detail.

History of Aribnb App: Must-know facts to build an app like airbnb

Source:: https://airbnb370.wordpress.com/

Your scroll, hints your search for enough insights to build an app like airbnb. This guide will walk you the way of vacation rental company you are considering. So, to develop a commendable app like Airbnb you must start understanding all about Airbnb’s business model.

First, let’s talk about the Airbnb business model.

The Airbnb App Monopoly

You may not be born with an entrepreneurial spirit, but you could have an idea for a fantastic app that nobody else has thought of. Believe me when I say that a fresh idea is only the first step. Developing a long-term strategy for your company is where the magic happens.

Now, we’ll examine the Airbnb business model in detail to understand how Airbnb works, their monetinization strategies, and continues to be the monopoly.

The Commission Game

This is a phenomenal business strategy using which Airbnb made over $17 billion in the year 2023. Getting a commission on each booking made through your site is one way to make revenue, that’s what exactly Airbnb did. In this method, everyone wins, the hosts receive more visibility, the guests discover incredible accommodations, and your app also grows in popularity.

Taking It a Step Further

There are two more add-on services for hosts to make money with Airbnb, Cleaning costs and listing optimization. In addition to yielding additional revenue the platform also improves hosts’ experience with these additions. 

And don’t miss Airbnb Experiences, one-of-a-kind travels, and activities hosted by natives. In addition to improving your users’ travel experience, this also adds another cash stream. The following image gives a clear picture of exactly how Airbnb works and makes money.

Airbnb Business Model: Build an app like aribnb

Source: https://fourweekmba.com/

Creating Your Own Tech Superpower

The business model must have excited you enough. To nail the business and to build an app like Airbnb dive into the tech. If you want your Airbnb-like app to have an exemplary user experience you need to pay attention to certain details. Building successful mobile apps requires a strong business plan, and knowledge of cutting-edge technologies. Whether you’re working with a mobile app development company or a freelance developer you ought to begin with technology considerations right after you get well-informed about the business model.

Technology Considerations

As I mentioned earlier, technological considerations are vital when creating an app like airbnb as they ensure seamless user experiences, scalability across platforms, and robust security measures in handling sensitive user data with cutting-edge tools.

Personalized Recommendations

We all know that customized recommendations improve user happiness by implying homes according to personal behavior, taste, and past bookings. Advanced artificial intelligence algorithms that examine user data to offer customized recommendations can help one to accomplish this ability, therefore guaranteeing a more individualized user experience.

Secure Transactions

Moreover, developing users’ trust depends on safe transactions. Blockchain technology provides a distributed ledger system to preserve openness and guard shared data and payments, therefore supporting this ability. This helps to preserve data confidentiality and lower fraud, therefore fostering consumer and property owner confidence.

Entrepreneurs who dares not to compramise on these two technologies can produce a strong, user-centric app like Airbnb for sure.

Scalability and Security

As your site grows, scalability becomes quite an issue. As the user loads increase, it should be feasible for the technology stack to accommodate without harming performance. This includes selecting robust, easily adaptable DBMS and server platforms to support the databases.

Another strategic factor pertains to security considerations. Policies such as end-to-end encryption and security check-ups ensure data privacy and its safety from unauthorized access. Unlike focusing on the features themselves, it is crucial to address the technological problems behind the features, such as safe API frameworks and authentication methods.

Platform Alternatives

Next, depending on your target audience and market needs, it will be beneficial to use mobile, web, or a blend of both applications. Similarly to websites, mobile apps are more popular among people who usually travel a lot. Web Apps are more generic and are available for many more devices. The cross between the two, which is a hybrid app, can be fairly affordable and thus appeal to more people.

As for your technology stack, viewers’ preferences should be taken into account. For example, mobile applications would appeal to young people while web platforms would appeal to the old people.

Now, based on the assessment of these elements, You must have understood the need to choose the proper technological platform. So next comes the fundamental characteristics you cannot miss when you build an app like airbnb.

Unique Considerations and Must-haves

While designing a crucial aspect is to incorporate basic features that can suit the needs of travellers and property owners. Essential features such as precise property listings, users’ comments, and accessible communication channels are crucial. Secondly, you need to consider the app development cost, which mainly depends on the intricacy of the features, the technology used, and the development team that’ll be working on it.

Let me summarize, that the success of your app depends on the choice of the technological platform, the issue of scalability, and the introduction of innovations that can improve usability and security. Taking these factors into account, activities will help you develop an engaging and profitable Airbnb clone app.

And, this means you have to be particular about all the features to be integrated into your Airbnb Clone App. 

Features Consideration

While focusing on how to build an app like Airbnb, well-consider all the essential features guarantee a flawless user experience, increase interaction, and foster trust.

In a competitive marketplace, it is also important to stand unique while satisfying your user wants. So, keep reading to learn more about the unique features that makes you stay ahead as well.

Core Functionality

Developing an app like Airbnb calls for emphasizing core features to guarantee a better experience for every guest. The following lists some of the main characteristics that Airbnb offers its users.

Secure Payment Gateways

Any online marketplace depends on a trustworthy and safe payment system. Including safe payment gateways guarantees that users, safeguarding their financial data, can make assured transactions. Developing a reputation and trust in your rental marketplace depends on this tool.

Robust Review Systems

Strong review systems let people share comments on their experiences. Maintaining openness and confidence between hosts and visitors depends on this ability. Reviews inspire hosts to keep high standards and enable new users to make wise judgments.

User-friendly profiles

User profiles are the core feature that ought to be navigable and clear. They should comprise preferences, booking request history, and personal data. User profiles enable users to easily manage their bookings and preferences, therefore customizing the experience.

Unique Features

I do agree that incorporating unique and advanced features would enhance user experience and make it easier for one to find a niche in this competitive world. To your knowledge, some interesting specific attributes to consider when you choose to build an app like airbnb are listed below.

Interactive Maps

Enabling the use of maps allows the consumer to view the property, nearby businesses, and points of interest. This function enhances browsing by providing consumers with geographical context, so they can choose the right type of lodging.

Modern Search Algorithms

Sophisticated search algorithms help to provide the most suitable and specific results according to the user’s preferences and requirements, which, in turn, improves the performance of the app. This function ensures that users can always get exactly what they want, hence enhancing the usability and effectiveness of the software.

Innovative Booking System

New ways of booking have made the booking process easier. Messages such as instant booking, availability calendars, and push notifications for booking confirmations go a long way in enhancing customers’ satisfaction and consequently expediting and easing travel.

Essential Features

Adding required features ensures your software provides a comprehensive solution and meets clients’ requirements.

User Profiles

Simplified user profiles are fundamental but allow users to manage their information, interests, and booking history. This ability is essential for customizing the user experience and involving the users at a higher level.

Payment Integration

To transact seamlessly there has to be the integration of payment methods. Encouragement of other currencies and payment methods will draw a larger audience, thus increasing the accessibility of your app like airbnb to people all around.

Customer Support Team

Resolving user questions and fast addressing problems depend on strong customer assistance. Offering several support channels like live chat, email, and phone support ensures users may obtain assistance whenever they most need it.

Review Systems

An efficient review system lets consumers share their experiences, therefore fostering confidence. This openness helps new users make wise judgments and motivates better standards among hosts.

Scalability Planning

Plan for scalability as your user base grows to fit expansion and changing market needs.

Feature Evolution

Update and improve features often depending on user comments and industry trends. This guarantees that your software remains competitive and keeps meeting user needs.

Scalable Architecture

Design your project utilizing the correct programming language and technology in a scalable architecture. Experienced app developers can assist in designing a system capable of managing data and rising traffic without sacrificing performance.

Achieving it successfully depends on concentrating on basic functions, including distinctive and necessary elements, and scalability planning.

By addressing these issues, you can learn how to build an app like Airbnb, that distinguishes yourself in the aggressive rental marketplace industry and satisfies the expectations of your target audience.

Having gained a clear idea about the required teck stack and much-needed features you should be worried about the expenses of creating such an app.

Cost and Timeframe Considerations

Listen, let me be very straightforward with you. When you consider how to build an app like Airbnb, you have to understand that this will cost you time and money.

Depending on how big or elaborate your project is, be realistic about the time to be spent on development. Once you decide to build an app like airbnb transparency is a virtue here so allow me to inform you about the expected costs associated with several feature sets and development approaches.

Development Periods

Making an app similar to Airbnb calls for several stages, each with an expected duration.

Research and Planning2–4 weeksFinding target clients, creating fundamental features, sketching out the company plan, compiling needs, and choosing the technological platform.
Design4–6 weeksEmphasize user experience (UX), user interface (UI), and design including wireframes, prototyping, and last app development.
Development12–20 weeksCombining front-end and back-end development with important technologies such as booking systems, payment gateways, and Google Maps API for location services.
Testing4–6 weeksUsing unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptability testing, one may guarantee the application runs without flaws or faults.
Launch and MaintenanceOngoingInvolves continuous updates and changes to solve issues, offer fresh information, and increase speed depending on user comments.

Approximate Cost Estimation

This is the case since the building cost of an app like airbnb using a vacation rental script depends on the complexity level and the features needed. This should be your next thought once you start thinking about how to build an app like Airbnb.

VersionCost (Approx.)Description
Basic Version$30,000 – $50,000Basic elements of the application such as user management, search functionality, a booking mechanism, and payment gateway integration, can be considered a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
Standard Version$50,000 – $100,000Customer help, secure payment processors, search functionality, and powerful review methods.
Advanced Version$100,000 – $250,000+Detailed application with maps, AI recommendations, secure payment through blockchain, and connection with other services, for example, Google Maps API.

Flexibility in the Budget

Alongside the rough cost estimation there is something you need to bear in mind. Some project may have restricted resources, and at such instances some functionalities have to be dropped. This is how many entraprenures try to manage their financials to build a booking app like Airbnb.

  1. Prioritize central functionalities, that are important for user experience. 
  2. The best strategy is to hire a professional team from areas where app development is cheaper while maintaining quality.
  3. Structure the project into phases. Begin with a minimum viable product and incorporate more complex functions in the later stages. 

Building a highly-quality Airbnb-like application involves not only a well-crafted design and a realistic timeframe but also a versatile budget. And, only when you get sure about how you model is going to be, what technology and features are to be used, and after defining your budget, you must find a structured development approach.

The Detailed Development Approaches – An App Idea for Beginners

There are various development approaches available to bring your app idea to life, each offering unique advantages and considerations. Lets explore them one by one.

Role of an App Development Company

To ensure that all desired features work in harmony and perform as intended, to deploy highly advanced tools, and methodologies, add unique features to turn your idea into functional and competitive software, go for an app development company. This could be your wisest move to build an app like airbnb.

Information Gathering and Investigation

To develop a good app there must be adequate research and planning at the beginning of the process. A reputed company with team of experts get this done meticulously, they help you with,

  1. Determining the goal, purpose, and intended audience of the app.
  2. Searching meticulously for competitors, market trends, and user expectations. 
  3. Selecting either a rental script or an exact framework similar to the Airbnb app features. 
  4. ​​Considering technical aspects like how the app will grow and work on different devices (iOS/Android). This ensures the app like airbnb meets both user needs and technical standards.”

Customization and Design

Focus on creating a distinctive user interface and smooth user experience through intuitive UI/UX design. Customize your app’s style to align with your brand identity, incorporating elements like logos and color palettes. Enhance core functionalities to set your app apart from competitors with unique features such as in-app chat systems or specialized search filters tailored for vacation rentals.

Development Phase

Utilize advanced technologies such as React Native, Flutter, or native languages (Swift for iOS, Kotlin for Android) to build a responsive and user-friendly interface. It is essential to ensure the smooth execution of development processes. Implement robust server-side logic, efficient database management, and APIs to support the app’s functionality. Integrate essential services like payment gateways, geolocation systems, and social network APIs to enhance app capabilities.

Testing and Quality Assurance: Ensuring Perfection

Before launching your app, it undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets high standards of quality and reliability. Unit testing involves meticulously testing each component of your app to catch and fix bugs early on, ensuring a smooth user experience when the app goes live. Integration testing ensures that all parts of your app work seamlessly together, from booking functionalities to user reviews.

User acceptance testing (UAT) gathers feedback from real-world testers to fine-tune the app’s usability and functionality before wider release. Addressing any issues promptly through comprehensive bug fixes and regression tests guarantees that your app maintains its quality and performance integrity throughout its lifecycle.

Deployment and Launch: Making an Entrance

Launching your app involves thorough preparation to maximize impact and user satisfaction. This begins with preparing your app for submission to platforms like the App Store and Google Play, ensuring it meets all guidelines for a successful launch. Setting up servers, databases, and cloud services is essential to support your app’s performance and reliability upon deployment.

Monitoring your app’s performance closely post-launch allows you to swiftly address any issues that may arise and plan future updates based on real user feedback and usage patterns. Continued post-launch support and maintenance, including proactive bug fixes, performance monitoring, and security updates, ensures that your app remains reliable and functional, maintaining user trust and satisfaction.

Ongoing Enhancement and Updates: Staying Ahead

Continuous improvement is key to staying competitive in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Enhancing your app’s features based on user feedback and industry trends ensures it remains relevant and appealing to users. Iterative development involves releasing frequent updates to enhance performance, usability, and overall user satisfaction over time.

Actively gathering and analyzing user feedback creates a feedback loop that drives ongoing improvements, ensuring your app meets evolving user expectations and remains a preferred choice in the competitive marketplace.

By partnering with an experienced app development company, you can navigate each phase and progress positively, something thats much needed to build an app like Airbnb with confidence. Their expertise ensures your app not only meets user expectations but also achieves your business goals effectively and efficiently.

Moreover this is certainly not the only way to build an app like Airbnb, there are other approaches too.

Vacation Rental App: DIY Development and Developing From Scratch

Apart from approaching an app development company to build an app like Airbnb, you can also look into alternative development methodologies likd DIY development and developing from scratch.

To build a successful travel app that matches your company’s demands, you need to know the advantages of DIY development and the extensive adaptability that developing from scratch offers.

DIY Development

Why Should You Choose to Do It Yourself?

Developing it yourself (DIY) is the way to go if you want complete control over the process, customization, and in-house development. By letting you modify the app’s settings according to your needs, it lets you personalize the app to your liking.

To build an app like Airbnb, you can leverage DIY development tools, platforms, and frameworks. This method works well for programmers who have a good grasp of the fundamentals and an idea of how they want their app to look and function. As a result, you may tailor a custom travel app development solution to your company’s exact requirements.

Developing from scratch

Starting from scratch is the best option for people who want full control over the final product’s features, UI, and underlying infrastructure. With this approach, you may create an Airbnb-type app with features that are unique to your company, like a specialized customer service team or a way to look for vacation rentals.

When you build an app like airbnb from the bottom up, you make sure it can handle more users and change with the times. This method is ideal for developing travel software that will withstand the test of time, similar to Airbnb, by accommodating growing demand and easily adding new features.

DIY and Building from Scratch: Challenges

That is why I believe there is no single approach to growing an entrepreneurial enterprise because there is no one type of entrepreneur. Let’s explore some possible drawbacks of scratch development and do-it-yourself methods so that you may decide with knowledge.

Do It YourselfDeveloping from Scratch
Quality Assurance ConcernsHigh Start-Up Costs
Not having a professional review may lead to suboptimal code quality, resulting in bugs, crashes, or security vulnerabilities.Custom development requires substantial initial capital for project management, hardware/software acquisition, and extensive testing.
Lack of Specialized KnowledgeLonger Development Times
DIY developers may lack knowledge in scalability planning, user experience design, and backend setup, leading to poor app performance and usability issues.Custom solutions involve multiple design iterations and extensive testing, prolonging the development lifecycle.
Longer time to marketDependence on Internal Resources
DIY projects typically take longer due to learning curves and incremental development, delaying deployment and market entry.Relying solely on internal resources can strain other business activities and requires ongoing support and updates.
Resource LimitsComplex Project Management
DIY development consumes significant time resources, diverting focus from critical business areas like marketing and customer interaction.Custom projects demand proficient project management across various fronts, from backend development to UI/UX and feature integration.

Its better to stay aware of these challenges and decide whether DIY development or starting to build an app like airbnb from scratch aligns with their goals and resources.

Knowing all about the tech-stack, development approach, features must have given a clear idea but would still, make you feel alone in this development process. There is something every entrepreneur would need apart from all the aspects discussed above. It’s a expert guiding hand throughout the project. And, to achieve this scroll below and read more.

Build an App like Airbnb with the Help of Appkodes

The right way to carryout all the suggestions, overcome difficulties and arrive at your needed innovation gets easy with Appkodes. As a reputed enterprise app development company with more than a decade of experience and a wider global client base is an ideal choice. This is not just about taking your app idea like Airbnb from conception to launch, but also about addressing challenges right from the outset like,

  • Identifying the terrain of obstacles that may greatly affect the viability and success of the business. This is only possible with expertise and experience.
  • Having adequate resources and experts to handle advanced technology and a team of experts with great degree of technical knowledge to build an app like airbnb.
  • Staying ahead of rivals, by innovating constantly and updating the app to stay user captivating. 
  • Rightly following legislation including industry-specific standards and data protection rules (e.g., GDPR) is vital.
  • Proper guidance on  marketing plans, user onboarding systems, and ongoing engagement techniques to build an app like airbnb As all these leads to creating a loyal user base.

In this video, James Yan MBA ’23, speaks with Brian Chesky, Co-Founder and CEO of Airbnb,bout designing a 10-star experience.

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