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Simple and Cost Effective Ways to Start a Classified Website

Glory Simmons

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start a classified website

8 min read

Starting a classified ads website can be a profitable business but competing with the industry leaders is the most challenging one. If you are new to this industry then you need a beginner’s guide to understand the business that is carried out through a classified website.

We can guide you all about how to start a classified website with simple steps and will let you know how to monetize your classified platform. Get ready to start a classified website that will possess all essential features and also decisive monetizing weapons to beat the competition.

What is a classified website?

A classified website is an online portal that allows users to sell and buy products from their nearby location. Products are classified and organized and will let users search and find them easily.
This is the traditional marketing strategy that was used in newspapers where you will find a separate page for classified columns. Readers can find product ads posted in those columns and can contact the seller directly and buy them.

The same process is carried out but through a classified ads website. The platform will not hold any responsibility for the quality of the product. The buyer needs to check all necessary details and buy from the seller.

How to start a classified website business?

Here comes the cost-effective solution to creating a classified website with a few simple steps. Just like any other online portal, you need to choose a domain name and a reliable hosting service. Again you need to choose your target audience and do market research. We will skip all these points as they are common.

Let us get into details on features that are to be integrated with your classified website. These are the one that is going to differentiate a classified website from other ordinary websites.

Embed your classified website with an advanced search system

The core aspect that will create a better user experience is having an advanced search system. Every classified platform is supposed to have multiple product categories. It will be difficult for a user to search for a particular product without an advanced search system.

The advanced search system will let users use keywords to search and can let them filter products according to type, price, location, and many more. Through a series of filtering, the user will get the most relevant product as the search result that will benefit him to get into the product page instantly.

Integrate Google maps

Users who approach a classified website are more cautious to find products in their nearby location. They will not show interest in products that are far from their location as they do not want to spend money on traveling. In some cases, they may need to hire a separate vehicle to carry the product to their place which will charge high if the location of the seller is so far.

To avoid these inconveniences, your classified website should be integrated with Google maps which will give perfect direction to all users. With the help of the map, users can easily identify sellers who are nearby their location and can contact them and buy products. This will reduce their traveling time and also will save them money.

Build a detailed Ad Page

This page needs more attention when you start a classified website. Users need to get convinced about the product they are searching for. A clear product description is needed that will explain the product type, size, quality, and many more. As customers cannot touch and feel the product, the page should give the same experience through its content.

You can enhance your product page by adding relevant product images. You can also make use of videos that will explain your products. Product pages with videos get 67% more audience and get a 45% greater conversion rate. Make sure you optimize your images and videos and maintain the quality as well.

start a classified business

Include Widgets to your classified website pages

To attract an audience your product information mentioned on the product page alone will not be enough. You need to add spices to your presentation by adding widgets to your product pages on the classified website.

Through widgets, you can include related products, recommended products, recent posts, newsletter forms, calendars, and many more. You can make navigation easier with widgets. This will engage your audience and make your page more interactive.

Develop the advertiser profile page

This is another important feature of a classified website. Every advertiser needs to have a dedicated page where they can set their profile with all their contact information. This will help them to promote their selling as buyers can easily get their contact number and can directly contact them.

Through this page, the advertiser can get insights about the number of products he has sold, and payment transaction history. Likewise, buyers can view all his products and his selling ratio. They will get to know more about the seller before they decide to buy the product.

Include reviews and a rating system

The quality of the product or the service can be measured by going through the reviews and ratings given by the buyers. Your classified platform cannot take responsibility for the product that is posted on the site. So, you should let buyers find their way.

For this, you need to make sure that your platform has a reviews and rating system that will let customers share their buying experience with the particular seller. Any buyer who wants to buy a product from that seller, can go through the reviews and can identify the quality he serves.

start a classified business

Ways to monetize your classified website

So far, you have understood how to start a classified website for free and what features are mandatory in a classified platform. Just building a website alone is not going to get you money. You need to find ways to monetize your website and get greater returns. Here are a few tips that are going to help you in making money with your classified website.

Paid Ads

This is the most common and preferred way of monetizing the classified website. Your platform contains classified posts and acts as an online listing directory. Users may want to post ads on your platform and sell their products.

You can come up with excellent pricing and can make users pay and post their ads. You will earn money for each post the seller makes. This will also alarm sellers to be serious about their posting as he is paying for it. This will reduce fake sellers entering the platform.

Sponsored Ads

These are ads that any third-party brands can post on your classified website. You can have your blogs filled with sponsored ads or guest posts. This is a good source of income as you may not work for it. Just by letting them post their ads on your website, you will get paid.

One main challenge with this revenue method is your website should contain high online traffic. Brands will show interest to post their ads on your platform if you have enough online traffic, or else you may not get sponsored ads.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a well-known advertising tool and it guarantees users better brand recognition and greater reach. You can set up a static sponsored advertisement banner on your website and can let Google AdSense use the banner for posting ads.

Google AdSense is easy-to-integrate with your classified website and when you have this advertising tool in your platform you can get unbelievable website traffic. This will again help you to get more sponsored ads.

Featured Classified listings

This revenue model benefits sellers the most. Your classified website will be filled with a greater number of sellers and all products will be listed on your platform. Some sellers may want to get listed at the top of the searches. In this case, you can charge them an additional amount to highlight their brand on the top.

You can fix the price and the duration of the ads to be listed on the top. Many sellers show interest in this model as they are also benefited by getting listed on top. They will get more leads and the conversion rate will be high.

start a classified business

How much will it cost to start a classified website?

Here comes the main part of the building process of a classified website. Everyone is much concerned about the expense they need to spend to start a classified website. Blindly we cannot give the cost as several factors influence the budget for the development.

  • Hosting expenses
  • Design expenses
  • Platform expense
  • Payment-gateway integration expenses
  • Additional add-ons expenses (If required)

You need to be clear with what you exactly want and what features to be included in the platform. Only then you can get the exact cost estimation.

If you want to launch your platform instantly, you can go for a reliable classified script. Appkodes can help you to start a classified website with its multifaceted classified script. You will find all essential features with multiple revenue models integrated. You can get a perfect Letgo clone and can easily compete with other leading competitors in the market.

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