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21 Jan 2019 on Insights for Entrepreneurs · 12 min read

12 min read

Are you wondering how to create a random video chat app like Meetme and Azar?

There is a catch. Keep reading.

What makes stranger app businesses so successful?

When I read about Azar success, I was curious to find what made the founder come up with this idea and turn that into a multi-million dollar business.

But for me, the research was critical.

It was then I realized that,

  1. Omegle was behind the scene for all the types of random chat and video app advancements
  2. Following, the market for stranger meetups is growing every single day

My study unveiled that many startups, students, entrepreneurs are becoming fond of this business idea. Also, they’re researching ways to start something (is anything between stranger friends making to stranger match-making) in this niche and become successful.

It is for no SURPRISE that I get to see a lot of young minds searching ideas to make money INSTANTLY. And up to my research, the dating industry has never failed anyone to do so.

I’d researched many papers, ideas, and theories on how and what does it takes to build and generate a good ROI using an app like Omegle.

Um.. not just Omegle but Azar and Meetme, and likes. Too!

Omegle did not have a mobile app. Still NO!

And maybe that’s why it’s competitors did launch one and captured their VIP seats in the market. There are a few other factors I found interesting related to this topic.

azar app clone

[Few screenshots from Randoo v1.0 which is under development]

In the weirdest exchanging of information for growth, I thought of sharing all my findings to you.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Who is Omegle?
  • The secret sauce behind stranger apps success (so that you can make adjustments for your business)
  • Ways to start something close – so you decrease the chance of messing up

When you see what you ACTUALLY do vs. what you WANT to do for starting your business like Azar and Omegle, you’ll have a clear list of action items for how to spend your available resource (inc. Time+Effort+Money).

That could be:

  • Taking MVP (because, why not?)
  • Working on the fun side of the businesses like prototyping
  • Spending time and making investments
  • Or anything else

I’m not going to tell you how to make investments on this market — instead, I’m going to give you the secrets many random business owners and insanely successful people in the industry use to make sure they’re putting their money in the right places.

A brief history about Omegle

Omegle, one of the most used random video chat app is an anonymous chat media that allows users to socialize without the need to authorize.

random video chat app

Developed by an 18-year-old Leif K-Brooks and launched this as a website on March 25, 2009. Less than a month this random chat app was able to establish its own audience with 150,000 pageviews per day.

This app had one to one chat rooms which made it successful in the period it was established. Due to the apps over-growing popularity, its developers incorporated the text chat mode with video rooms as a compliment in 2010.

This video chat room pairs together users anonymously who are using webcams. This video window also had an in-built chat mode which made it popularly known as the random video chat app.

While it lagged profanity filter in the start, they bought in this feature in 2013 making it more viable for the younger audiences too.

Omegle had many advantages over conventional social media apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook messenger etc.

  • Firstly, it doesn’t restrict you to whom you can meet and chat on their platform. You will be randomly connected using an algorithm to a complete stranger irrespective of your interest.
  • Secondly, most of these random chat apps don’t ask for secure delegations.
  • The third point is, all your stranger users have to do is, send a text message or talk live with others through their camera and can simply quit from either user’s side if they don’t like either one.
  • The fourth point is, users, don’t care about those advanced settings to set up their interests for better matchmaking. All they want is a secure anonymous video calling app that’ll help them to maintain the thrills of making anonymous friends or dates.

The random or anonymous video chat app industry is growing anonymously with 433,903 unique users every day spending progressively more time staring their screen and chatting with strangers.

Despite being this popular Omegle was not actually developed for making million dollar return. Which in turn caused many stranger mobile apps to boom.

Inspiring many entrepreneurs making them believe that one to one video chat apps are the future of the dating industry.

The best 9 anonymous chat app companies who made fortune using the one to one video chat room concept are,

That’s a lot of numbers. Right?

These companies penetrated inside the dating market with an MVP and only had a few attention-grabbing features. Believe me or not, this generated them a good ROI and doubled their investments.

How they do it?

There are 2 key reasons for these one to one video chat app’s success.

First, it was an awesome product. The backbone of not only Omegle but for all of these video chat apps is the high-quality video calling ability.

Having a great bug-free product made their “selling” less and more about educating their customers about what the product is.

Second, they had a killer growth strategy. So, instead of searching every single doubt online, they created a strategy to grow their business in a unique way.

The secret behind the success of these anonymous chat apps

One, the algorithm they use:

Another reason that leads to the growth of this random chat app instantly is the algorithm they use. In order to serve every users purpose, popular apps like Omegle and Chatroulette use an algorithm with simplified logic to assess incoming chats and calls.


As soon as users sign-up using their Facebook profile, their screens will pop up with strangers whom they can initiate a random video conversation.

BONUS: Unlike Tinder, left swipes does not de-rank a strangers profile. In one to one video apps place,


It is just a SWIPE that will either begin a conversation or will end it!

This helps users to use anonymous chat app without the sense of being judged and that makes Omegle and Chatroulette strive than conventional dating apps.

Two, WebRTC:

WebRTC is not simply video conferencing, however. It’s a platform that video app development companies use to integrate their software to enable a fast, easy and clear video and audio calls. That also from the very first time your customer starts using your product.

This helps you improve the customer experience of your anonymous chat application, thereby improving revenues.

WebRTC in one to one video chat apps

Most importantly, WebRTC is a secure method of communication where every sensitive data is encrypted before transmitting. The security risk is a common concern among online audio and video communication, and WebRTC provides a reliable answer by maintaining complete data security on an ongoing basis.

For instance, most VOIP solutions still use a less secure version of the real-time transport protocol to facilitate calls. While WebRTC uses the secured version of this protocol (SRTP).

Of course, there are other media servers available in the market like Wowza, and Red5, which you and I can use. Sadly these servers are quite expensive while some come with premium access. If you want you can use them too. But I suggest WebRTC as it a qualified resource itself.

So, you not only provide entertainment but an encrypted app in every app user’s pocket.

Where is the start?

Telling you an absolute cost to develop an app like Omegle/Azar/Skout/LOVOO/Meetme would be quite a silly statement to go with, as the price would depend on a small number of factors, more precisely:

The number of the platform you intend your app for dating to be built on. Android, or iOS maybe both.


Android and iOS platforms are different in terms of market share, a variety of devices and OS versions, and in their technical implementation.

  • No matter what you choose, other integral parts of software development (specification & prototypes, design, backend and testing staged) should not be skipped.

All development stages: Prototyping, testing and getting feedback

Once you evaluate the idea of getting started with an MVP and conduct business analysis and market research, you can start to develop prototypes.

I advise you to make a Low Fidelity Prototype (LFP) at the beginning. As this allows you to understand all cause-effect relationships between buttons and pages. You should test wireframes and create a map of changes – for better quality.

low fidelity to high fidelity prototypes

Also, this can help you to estimate development costs and the number of resources you need.

The next stage is to create the black-and-white prototype. This is necessary to make a UX design for your random video chat app like Omegle.

The final stage of prototyping is creating a High Fidelity Prototype (HFP). This is needed for making crowd tests for getting feedback from your target audience and finding bugs to fix them in the early stages of development.

Approx. cost and timeline estimation: Done for you

Timeline (approx.) should be something like this:


Your app idea like Skout and Azar determine how much time your service provider will need to build it and following, how much it will cost.

This means that simple mobile apps with no advanced feature sets require smaller budgets, while more advanced video chat apps with crisp features will be pricier.

Let’s divide the anonymous video app development into three categories based on its feature set: basic MVP, apps with medium features, and large apps.

The following table will show you an approximate app development timeline by complexity:

approximate app development timeline


The time needed to develop a one to one video chat application with respect to our research will range from 4 to 6 weeks. This range may or may be affected due to the complexity of the features. The approximate cost of the listed features does not include the time for communication with a business owner, QA specialist, and project manager.

Let’s review it like a PRO,

Below you will find the estimate of the anonymous web application. Its development will take between 160 and 239 hours.

omegle app clone cost estimation 1

The timeframe for developing a Native mobile application would range between 148 to 228 hours.

chatroulette app clone cost estimation 2

The backend of the stranger app is responsible for data management, information transfer, authorization, data security and push notifications. The time for the development of the app’s backend will take between 138 to 188 hours.

talk with stranger app clone cost estimation 3

*Data regarding time and cost is calculated for one platform only, the need for back-end development varies.

*The features you are intended to have in your app. This may vary depending on the time and budget you have on hand.

If you want an exact stranger video chat app like LOVOO and Skout development cost estimate, connect with us and we can discuss it in detail.

The cost of making an anonymous dating application like Omegle and Chatroulette may vary due to the change in the scope of features and modules. But, as far as now concern, a ballpark price figure would be anywhere between $4999$35,000.

That is the biggest pain point every entrepreneur faces with unique copyright products. To execute your dream business on a budget there are many open source clone scripts provider who will help you control your expenses at the same time, they can quicken the app development process.

The types of Native open source providers also poses one important benefit: You can launch your MVP sooner than you expect. Plus, their cost ranges somewhere between $799 to $1000.

How anonymous chat apps like Skout and Omegle generate revenue and ROI?

When you’ve invested every penny of your hard-earned money, you have all the rights to expect some returns and this can be made possible using the given models.

  1. In-app advertisement – various anonymous chat apps also known as Meetme app clones offer banner ads, walls and other types of ads; they may be quite an incentive at times, but that’s because you get paid for every click on the ad.
  2. In-app purchases – letting users buy specific emoji, swipes, stickers, likes etc.
  3. Premium access – This how Tinder and Badoo make money on dating – by creating a paid Premium Plus account, which after purchasing lets you own an unlimited amount of swipes and likes, and also access additional features.

Some other intriguing monetization models include:

  • Virtual gifts
  • In-app gems and diamonds
  • Wallet integrations
  • Curated and personalized matches
  • Attractive factor for insisting users to spend their funds
  • In-app games

All of that said, it still doesn’t add up; literally.

Above all else, growth prospects for these applications are intense. As with most apps, and especially with random video apps, one person in a group of friends downloads, then the rest follow.

Then, the social groups of those people all take to follow, and the app branches out from one group following the next.

Taking both the app’s existing and quickly expanding user bases, Random video chat apps are prepared for profiting—again, whenever the time comes.

Now it’s your turn

With time passing, stranger video apps like Skout and LOVOO are becoming more trustworthy than they used to a while ago.

Customers may be suspicious to the new coming startups at first glance, but if later on, they turn out to be handy, happy-in-love users keep the fire burning.

While every business owner aspiring to start one like LOVOO needs to develop THE bestselling app, entrepreneurs have different ways to look for it, some business people find their service providing partners in many ways, and using native open source clone is one of them.

Hope this blog was of service for you looking to make an app like Omegle and Chatroulette!


If you’d like to know more – you are most welcome to get in touch with us. Either way, vote this blog using the stars section below.


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