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Mobile app development

No matter your business niche, your product will be undeniably incomplete without a mobile application. But, building a fully integrated mobile app for your business will be a tiresome job unless you get the best mobile app development service. Mobile app development includes the complete process of building custom mobile apps across diverse platforms. But, a lot of mobile app development companies are available out there and so the process of choosing an apt mobile app development company for your business may seem overwhelming especially when you are looking to build an ideal mobile app for the first time.

Mobile app development

This is because there are several significant concepts to be considered before picking an appropriate mobile app development service for your business. Only a well-known mobile app development company like Appkodes can understand your business requirements and can provide you a best-in-class mobile app development service to build stunning mobile applications. Ever since the establishment, Appkodes has been serving as one of the most prominent mobile app development companies with experienced and enthusiastic professionals working incessantly to provide top-notch mobile app development service for its clientele.

Mobile app development
Mobile app development

We have rich expertise in Native and Hybrid app development processes and have been delivering striking iOS and Android mobile apps with seamless performance and personalized touch for multitudinous business sectors. Our optimal mobile app solutions encompass highly advanced technologies. We stand unique from other mobile app development companies through our excellence in developing outstanding mobile app solutions with our quality-oriented work. So, if you are keenly looking to leverage mobile technology for your industry, then you can reach Appkodes to make use of the finest mobile app development service.

Mobile app development

iOS app development

As a renowned iOS app development company, we provide the best and cost-effective iOS app development service to build professional iOS app. Our iOS app development service includes cutting-edge techniques, methods, and advanced algorithms to arrive at attention-grabbing iOS apps for diverse business needs.

Our proactive and agile approach allows us to deliver the app on time. So, in a nutshell, if you are looking to build an impressive iOS app for your business, then you can surely utilize our top-class iOS app development service.

Mobile app development

Android app development

With our quality-driven approach, we excel at delivering best-in-class Android app development services for different business models to arrive at world-class Android apps. We implement comprehensive approach and advanced methods in our Android app development process, considering several key factors.

Some of those crucial factors include business requirements, user experience, app functionality, design, and so on.So, use our top-grade Android app development service to build a full-fledged Android app for your business.

Mobile app development

How we work

The well-organized mobile app development process

Mobile app development


We will clearly analyze the business requirements and do substantial research on the niche industry and competitors to figure out what inclusions will actually work for the app. Thereby, we will come up with a flexible planning step for app development.

Mobile app development

UI / UX design

We maintain the balance between app functionality and design. The user interfaces we design are simple, convenient, and comprehensive. We also make sure that the look and feel of the app enhance the experience of users on the platform.

Mobile app development
Mobile app development

Development phase

We pick a more appropriate approach and follow agile methodology to develop the app. The process includes several stages and the incorporation of all core functionalities and technologies will be done in this phase.

Mobile app development


We implement careful testing steps to check the app for compatibility, usability, performance, security, interface usage, and so on. After these multiple checks, we submit the mobile app to the user

Mobile app development

How our Mobile app development service stands unique from other services out there

Technologies used

We incorporate several state-of-the-art technologies and techniques into mobile app solutions such as ObjC, Java, WebRTC, Socket IO, and RestAPI to meet your business goals. The inclusion of these advanced methodologies will provide seamless mobile experience to thrive your business high.

Mobile app development

Our expertise

We excel at developing custom mobile apps with various futuristic features and functions.
Some are those key functionalities are mentioned below.

Mobile app development
Instant chat/messaging

A notable inclusion that can allow users to chat instantly and seamlessly with others on the app.

Mobile app development
Video/audio call

This feature promotes smooth communication between users through high-quality video calls and audio calls.

Mobile app development

Custom and extensible maps pave the way for easy navigation, location-specific product searches, etc.

Mobile app development
Live streaming

Enables users to stream top-notch live videos easily with just a single click and without any glitches.

Mobile app development
Live tracking

Engaging feature with which users on the application can track their rides and delivery status effectively.

Mobile app development
Payment gateways

The inclusion of flexible payment gateways in the app allows users to make their payments hassle-free.

Mobile app development
Blockchain Integration

Allows third-party blockchain integrations like Bitcoin to promote secured transactions on the application.

Mobile app development
Machine learning solutions

Enhance the experience of users with the integration of several machine learning solutions into the app.

Mobile app development
Social Login Integration

With the integration of this notable feature, users can log into the app quickly by making use of their social media accounts.

Mobile app development
End to end encryption

Help users in communicating securely on the app by applying end-to-end encryption for messages before sending to other users.

Mobile app development
AR integration

Integration of Augmented reality (AR) into the application will pave the way for immersing users in the digital environment.

Mobile app development
Push notification

The inclusion of this feature in the app helps in notifying each and every user of all activities happening on the app

Displaying excellence to stand out from the crowd

Since the establishment in 2009, we are continuously growing and have successfully completed 1600+ projects across the globe. We comprise a team of 60+ enthusiastic professionals who work relentlessly to deliver impeccable online solutions for diverse online business models. Our quality work and commitment towards customer success are the prime reasons for 800+ happy customers around the world.

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We have been working with Appkodes for many years and their commitment to customer success with quick turnaround time and quality-oriented work is outstanding. Their professionalism and quality of work are the key reasons for their 500+ happy customers across the globe.

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