How to Make a Social Media App Like Instagram?

Make an app like instagram

In the fast-paced world of technology, the landscape of social media seems to be constantly evolving.

One of the prominent platforms remaining to be the consistent trendsetter is Instagram.

Do you know Instagram has acquired more than 1 billion users worldwide?

In fact, as per the statista, it has been determined the application has had more than 3.8 billion downloads until yet.

Amazing! Right?

With its user-friendly interface attributes and innovative features, Instagram turned out to be a blueprint in the realm of social media success path.

Hence the demand for Instagram-like applications has paved rise towards a niche market, and many entrepreneurs are now exhibiting the possibility to build their own Clone apps.

So, if you’re a large-scale business or a startup, aiming to invest to build an app like Instagram, you must assume building an app like this for escalating your business to the next level.

Besides, if you wish to learn how to make a social media app like Instagram, this blog is exclusively crafted for you.

Read and learn the best ways to create an app like Instagram.

How to Create an App Like Instagram

Perhaps, now you might have learned what Instagram is in a nutshell and what is the reason it has attained huge demands. The solution to the query, How to make an app like Instagram for free, can be made feasible through the following section, thriving a guide for the business.

Now let’s dive into the essential considerations to create an app like Instagram.

Steps to develop an app like Instagram

The following section illustrates the step-wise process of developing an application like Instagram.

Step 1: Understand your business goals

First and foremost, get to have an idea understanding of the business goals, the need to make a social media app, and its topmost aims of it, in terms of business perspective. Create app like Instagram, by starting to understand the goals at the very first step in your process.

Step 2: Conduct a comprehensive Market Research

To start your application development adventure off properly, you should first comprehend the business idea behind photo sharing and social media applications.

Commence your trip by conducting thorough market research about the idea of creating social media applications as a result.

The assessment of the market for the related applications is the primary goal here.

Consider the queries as you begin your investigation. A distinctive idea to your target market and the kind of platforms. Answers to the queries to the “When”, “Why” and “How” would help you in learning how to build an app like Instagram and the ways to customize your application to the user’s preferences.

Step 3: Perform a Competitor Analysis

The next stage to create an application similar to Instagram is performing a competitive study of similar applications.

Your rivals are highly important, and you might accurately determine the apps by doing an in-depth study of the competition.

You’ll be able to decide on what should be and what shouldn’t be in your application once you’ve explored the merits, monetization strategies, and demerits.

No matter how complex your software is, you will not be able to compete in this competitive marketplace without a committed and prioritized target audience.

In parallel to this, you should also be aware of the ways in creating and how to build an app like Instagram.

Step 4: Find your USP

To stand out from the competitors and attract the potential audience, integrate a unique selling proposition into the application.

  • You can utilize the following questions which would help in finding the right USP:
  • What do the users like and dislike?
  • How to solve the pain points of users in your app?
  • Where are the users? Who are they?
  • How do the users interact with similar social media apps? What features do they utilize the most?

After answering the questions, form an application concept.

Ask yourself: how to ensure your vision meets the audience’s needs? To perform this, ask a focus group or friends and test your hypothesis.

And a question arises now, how to build an app like Instagram? What’s the first and foremost thought to kickstart your application design idea?

Step 5. Create a unique UI/UX design

After you do research and explore unique selling propositions, you’ll need to identify the functionalities of your social media application.

Envision the interaction logic of your application before you implement the app design of all the icons, texts, and elements on the screen.

This is where the UI/UX designer crafts all the buttons icons text fields and identifies how would they interact.

This step leads to ready-to-develop application layouts and UI kits for the developers.

Step 6: Development Stage

In what ways you will make your app so effective for the users?
Now the next step time to code your social media application.

You may look out for a proficient team of mobile developers if you wish it to be of fine quality and execute quickly.
The platforms your application would work on affect this current drastically.

You could develop for Android and iOS separately or you could opt for a better cross-platform development process.

This would save your costs and time while slightly reducing the performance.

If you wish to reach out to a large audience and save your business budget, a good selection of social media app development company would help you in accomplishing that.

Step 7: Fix the bugs and smoothen the performance.

You ought to test the application builds for all the functions to work properly. To perform this, the QA team would check the application for bugs and fix them.

Step 8: Release and support

Release the application and gather the feedback.

Find out what users like or dislike and if they would use the application.

While you build the app, you can plan further the fixing app and new feature updates based on the information.

Your users will enjoy the quality of life improvement and frequent updates.

What is the cost to create app like Instagram?

When you frame the steps to get a solution for your business idea in how to make a social media app like Instagram, the first thing to consider is the costs you invest.

The cost to create an application that functions like Instagram relies upon the type of application you are looking to develop.

On average, it could start from $ 25,000 to $ 1,000,000. This may also have a dependency on who is hiring, where are they located, the app developers you consider, the skill level of UI/UX designers, project managers, and the rest of the team.

If you are taking a DIY route to save your costs, an effective solution you can take with this is the instagram clone. Otherside, if you are not taking this, would require you to learn how to code your application from the very beginning.

This would take up a lot of time, as this learning curve is highly steep.
It would take you hundreds of hours to master the different program languages that are important for the build-out.

Building a Clone scripts is an exciting venture in this decision, to cope with all your demands and customization at less cost and to save your time and efforts.


By understanding what makes Instagram successful, carefully selecting your tech stack, and implementing a robust SEO strategy, you could raise up the chances of your app becoming the next big thing in social media.

Choose a solution or an effective platform that understands the nuances of the dynamics of social media app development. The expertise you choose must lie in the user-centric interface and technically sound platforms that can define success in this competitive market.

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