LinkedIn start-up story

How to Social Media in LinkedIn Startup Story – AppKodes A new of connecting the business world Entrepreneur Reid Hoffman’s vision and mission. 1993 Studying at oxford thought of starting a software company. Approached venture capitalists for funding and got […]

How to setup and manage an ecommerce store

The functions of any eCommerce business Product Are you manufacturing the product or sourcing from third parties? Are you going for high volume and low margin or visa versa? How are you going to differentiate your product from any competition? Via price, […]

How Airbnb Started

How Started Airbnb Or How Guys went From Renting Air Mattresses To A 10 Million Dollar Company Two guys (Joe) and (Brain) San Francisco can’t pay rent They think to rent out 3 air mattresses on floor to people and […]

Facebook’s new ad tool helps to target potential mobile app users

Getting people downloading your apps on their phone is quite hard. Yet it’s harder to make them use and return. And finding potential users who spend money in the app or take other actions that encourages the developer is the […]

Google is about to train 2 million mobile app developers

Google has unveiled an initiative to certify students & developers as a part of its Android skilling programme in India, aiming to train around 2 million mobile app developers. The exclusively designed instructor-led training programme on Android Fundamentals will be […]

How much would it cost to start an online classifieds script with apps?

If you are wondering how this kind of simple boot sale or classifieds systems are running and making good profit, this blog is going to help you understand. Before talking about how it is possible, let us see how these [...]

How can you make money by launching a shpock clone

shpock clone Planning to launch shpock clone- online classifieds, buy and sell based app. The basic ideology behind the app is selling and buying stuffs around your location. This app is easy to manage, you can add your products in [...]

How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Business Part 1

Social media the most economic way to promote your brand and  website which helps to get in touch with new and existing customers to know about your business. Here are some finest tips for using the most popular social networking [...]

Top 5 php frameworks for development

As PHP are the most popular and powerful server side scripting language. PHP frameworks which gives adequate solution for the developers who wants to build complex websites and web apps. Laravel: Although the new PHP framework introduced in 2011, it [...]

Marketing difference between retail and online stores

Although the goal of both retail store and online store marketers is to attract their targeted customers and graph more sales. They are get experimented, implemented into different techniques to revenue the stable results with the decent progress initially then [...]