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Building a Taobao Clone App With an Effective Taobao Clone Script

Glory Simmons

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Taobao clone script

11 min read

Taobao clone scripts are getting popular among many aspiring entrepreneurs who prefer to build a reliable C2C marketplace platform. Taobao is the best C2C eCommerce platform that functions only in China. Other leading countries like the US, India, and UK got inspired by the substantial growth of Taobao and started seeking Taobao clones.

As a result, today there is a huge demand for Taobao clone scripts in the eCommerce market. If your business goal is to build a perfect C2C marketplace like Taobao then you are on the right page. We will provide more information about the significance of the Taobao clone along with its extensive features.

Why build an app like Taobao?

You may wonder why people are crazy about the Taobao platform and what business profit a Taobao clone makes. Let us identify the key stats about the Taobao eCommerce platform that will inspire you more to build a Taobao clone.

  • Taobao is the leading eCommerce platform in China with 876 million active users.
  • In 2021, the company generated revenue of $873 billion in sales.
  • Taobao holds 60 million active sellers.
  • 70% of Taobao active users are from people who are between 20 to 30 years old.
  • Taobao mobile users open the app 7 times per day on average.
  • Annually, Taobao users spend 140 million hours on their Taobao app.
  • The platform has more than 30000 service centres in China.
  • More than 320 million users use the Taobao mobile app for e-shopping.

Benefits of using Taobao clone script

A Taobao clone script offers multiple business benefits to any entrepreneur who has set their path in building a Taobao-like app. Let us identify the key advantages that the platform owner gains through a Taobao clone script.

No inventory maintenance – Managing the inventory is the most hectic task for any business. But when you plan to have a Taobao clone, you will be running a C2C marketplace and may not worry about handling inventory. Your platform will just be an intermediary between users who sell and buy products.

Minimal cost – Running a Taobao clone will not cost you more. you may not need manpower to run your business. Even an individual can run the entire business, as the Taobao clone script will easily carry out all tasks through automation.

Multiple revenue channels – Any premium Taobao clone script will be integrated with multiple revenue streams that will assure the admin to increase his profitability. Make sure while choosing the Taobao clone script

Scalable business model – Taobao clone script allows users to have a scalable business model. If you are a startup, in a very few years your business may expand with a huge customer base. Your platform needs to hold more data and this is possible with the Taobao clone script.

The business model of a Taobao clone script

The Taobao clone platform contains multiple virtual stores which are owned by individuals or companies. A seller, who wants to place his product in a Taobao clone store, will first register with the platform. The admin of the platform will verify the seller through an authentication process and then will accept the seller to be a member of the platform.

The seller will be able to place his product in the store and can decide to sell it at a fixed price or can go for auction. Usually, products with fixed prices will face better conversion than products on auction.

Buyers, on the other side, will register with the Taobao clone app and will start searching for the products. Buyers will get a wide range of products from multiple sellers. They can compare products and their prices with other sellers and will finalize a product.

The buyer will pay for the product through the app. The seller will arrange for shipping and delivery. The admin will deduct the commission value and will transfer the rest of the amount to the concerned seller. The buyer will receive the product at his doorstep.

The buyer will be given a certain period to check and verify the product. Buyers are allowed to share their experience with the platform through ratings and reviews. The admin can check all reviews and can assure that the seller is providing proper service and product to buyers.

Taobao clone script – Features

While choosing a Taobao clone script, you need to be more particular about its features which have a crucial role in enhancing user experience. The admin should be addressed with a set of features that will simplify the business operations and sellers/buyers need to be addressed with a different set of features that will deliver seamless buying and selling. Let us check out all features that are to be mandatory in an excellent Taobao clone script.

Buyer/seller features of a Taobao Clone script

Account management – Users, who can be buyers and sellers, can create an account with the platform and can manage it effectively. Users can set their profile along with their image, contact details, location, and many more.

Product management – Sellers are allowed to list their products on the platform. The Taobao clone script will provide a product categorization facility that will let sellers organize their products. Sellers can display product catalogs that will be easier for buyers while searching for a product.

Search and filtering option – The Taobao clone script should have an advanced search and filtering option to simplify the product searching process. Using filters, buyers can mention their product preferences. The platform will filter products and will display the most relevant products.

Order management – The seller needs to process the order once it is placed by a buyer. Shipping needs to be arranged and the product should be delivered on time at the buyer’s location. Without hassle, the entire order processing should be carried out through automation.

Buyer-seller communication – The Taobao clone script provides an in-app chat feature that will let buyers contact sellers and discuss the product in detail. This communication will support order conversion and reduces product returns.

Iventory management – The seller needs to handle his stocks properly. All products should be available round the clock as buyers can order them anytime through the platform. The platform will set the minimum stock value and whenever the product hits the minimum value, a notification will be sent to the seller and stock should be filled.

Social sharing – This is the most essential feature that will help in increasing the traffic of the platform. Buyers should be allowed to share the product page on their social media accounts. They can get feedback from their friends and can decide on their purchase. Even after purchase they can share the product and make others buy the same.

Multiple payment options – The order can be considered as completed only after receiving the payment. To facilitate easy payment transactions, the platform will be integrated with multiple payment options like paying through credit/debit cards, UPI, and net banking options.

Reviews and ratings – Buyers should be allowed to share their feedback about the service they received from the platform and the product quality provided by the seller. The reviews can be positive or negative. This will help the admin to understand the service quality offered by the platform and can enhance them further.

Admin features of a Taobao Clone script

Admin dashboard – The complete functioning of the Taobao clone marketplace can be monitored with a user-friendly admin dashboard. All metrics like the number of sales, number of active users, spending value, earning value, and many more can be viewed with the help of the dashboard.

User management – The platform will have sellers, buyers, sub-admins to handle platform tasks, and a customer support team. The admin needs to handle all user groups and should make sure their involvement with the platform does not affect the brand’s reputation in the market. If it happens, the admin has all right to remove the user from the platform.

Revenue management – The platform will have multiple revenue streams. The admin needs to monitor and manage them efficiently. Buyers will pay for the product through the platform. The sellers’ commission payment needs to be deducted. Posting advertisements will get revenue for the platform. All these channels need to be managed properly.

Content management – As buyers’ buying behavior keeps changing often, the platform should keep updating its content that will attract the audience to visit the platform. For this, the admin should be able to change the content of the platform periodically. The seller may need to change his products’ descriptions. A proper content management system is very essential.

Reports and analytics – The admin need to monitor the performance of the platform often. This can be done through effective analytics and reporting features. The admin will get a clear insight into the platform regarding its revenue, spending, and marketing campaigns that have failed and succeeded. These insights will help the admin to take wise decisions in enhancing the performance.

SEO-friendly – This is a very crucial feature as every online platform wants to be displayed on top of any search done with any search engine. The process is made simple by integrating SEO tools with the platform. The Taobao clone script should be SEO-friendly and should help you in getting better page ranking.

Promising Revenue Channels of Taobao Clone Script

This aspect needs more attention as we all build a business mainly to get better returns. Likewise, building a Taobao clone should yield you good profit and this has to be your main business goal. Now let us find out in what ways you can earn through the Taobao clone script.

Taobao clone script

Commission-based fee

This is the most common revenue model that is often preferred by any Taobao clone user. This benefits both the admin and the seller. The admin will get a commission on each sale made by the seller through the platform. From the seller’s point of view, he may need to pay the commission only when he makes business through the platform.

This model is highly accepted by users and the commission value can be fixed by the admin and the seller which can be a fixed value or can vary according to the selling value of the product.

Subscription-based fee

Registering with the Taobao clone is completely free for all users. The platform will maintain certain features to be premium and it can be allowed to access by paid users alone. This will make users who are curious to get their hands on all advanced features pay and become a member of the platform.

This model is quite profitable for the admin as he will get a recurring amount periodically from the same user. Likewise, users will enjoy all premium services by subscribing to them. The admin should pay attention to providing worthy premium services and should make the paid users feel comfortable about becoming members of the platform.

Listing fee

Every seller will make an effort to show their products on top of the platform’s home page. This will get them better visibility and will get more leads. To make them visible on the top, they need to pay a listing fee to the platform.

The platform will not assure the seller that they will get confirmed orders. The admin will just make sure that the seller’s brand is listed at the top of searches. It is the seller’s job to convert all leads into orders.

Third-party advertisements

This is another good source of income for the platform owner. The admin can make use of the banner space in the platform and can let advertisers post their banner ads. The advertisers will pay the admin for having their ads for a certain period on the platform.

Pay-per-click is also processed as the advertiser will pay the platform whenever a visitor clicks on the ads placed by the advertiser. The admin will get instant payment and also this will increase the traffic of the platform simultaneously.

Launch your sophisticated Taobao clone marketplace with Appkodes

Appkodes offers a flawless marketplace solution and develops an end-to-end Taobao clone platform through which you can compete in the C2C market effortlessly. All business models that prefer a cost-effective approach can find Appkodes to be the best solution.

You can deliver an ultra-personalized shopping experience with our customized C2C marketplace platform. With reduced investment, you can maximize your returns and leverage your business operations.

Benefits of building a Taobao clone with Appkodes

  • Get 100% customization and assured scalability.
  • Simplified payment gateway integration.
  • Enterprise-grade security standards.
  • Engaging UI and UX
  • Dedicated technical support 24/7.

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