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Gone are the days when people used to try a lot and take time out from their tight work schedule to meet their day to day service requirements. Nowadays, they prefer to avail services hassle-free from the comfort of their homes. With the digital evolution, the on demand service applications came into the picture and helped people across the globe to get services right at the doorstep with just a single tap on the smartphone.

From hiring someone to repair home appliances to a beauty treatment at home, cleaning services, delivery services, etc, everything is possible with an on demand service application. Therefore, many people wish to have on demand service apps on their mobile phones to meet their daily requirements at ease.

on demand app development company

As the on demand service app serves as the perfect space for getting the services easily and effectively, these apps have become an inevitable thing in the daily life of the people. So, the demand for these apps is increasing day by day. Seeing this immense growth of on demand apps, many entrepreneurs showed interest to plunge into the on demand business. But, all the proprietors who venture into this flourishing sector cannot taste success easily.

Are you one of those aspiring entrepreneurs striving hard to kick start your own on demand service business? Then, first and foremost, it is essential to understand the expectation of users on the on demand service platform. Then, get an apt on demand app development service. So that you can develop a feature-rich on demand app that satisfies your on-demand business concepts.

What is an On demand app development?

The On demand app development includes the entire process of building custom on demand apps. Only a prominent on demand app development company can provide you a best-in-class on demand app development service for building remarkable on demand apps.

Such a rigorously built on demand application can cover different sectors like home services, food and grocery delivery, pickup and delivery, laundry, medical services, beauty and salon, and so on. Users can obtain such services with just a few taps on mobile phones.

If you want to know more about on demand app development service, then continue reading the blog.

In this blog, we are going to see the challenges in building an on demand service app. We will be also seeing some successful on demand apps in the current market trend, some key factors to consider while picking an on demand app development service for your business.

Challenges in building on demand apps

As said earlier there are many on demand businesses that fail to amaze users. So, you must realize that it is not that easy to build a stunning on demand app that can completely satisfy user requirements. We can now see some challenges that on demand apps face in the current market trend.

Keeping up the pace with the customer needs

The on demand app can become a hit only when you fully know your target audience. You must also understand what they really want from your app and what they prefer. So that you can come up with an on demand app matching their expectations.

Also, it is significant to provide a safe and rich space for the users on your platform to get each and every service they need anytime. This is mainly because people will get attracted only to the credible on demand service platform with verified service providers. Thereby, they will gain confidence while booking professionals for their daily and essential service requirements. Therefore, an on demand service app should integrate beneficial technologies and security checks, understanding the prime need of the users on the on demand service platform.

User experience design

An on demand app with a bad UX design will make it complex for the users to book for services instead of providing a convenient space for the users. This will not only reduce the web traffic but will eventually halt the engagement of the users with that specific brand.

So, an on demand app can win customer’s hearts only when the app shows unmatchable performance with an intuitive user interface, flexible login, and checkout processes, etc

Cost of app development

One of the key challenges that almost all on demand businesses face is the development of a robust on demand app. This is primarily due to the cost associated with the on demand app development. A powerful on demand app is the one that is rigorously built and custom-designed, considering the main needs of the niche a business wish to run in. Therefore, as said earlier, one needs to approach a renowned on demand app development company to get a top-grade and cost-effective on demand app development service. And thereby, they can succeed in building an attention-grabbing on demand service app within the budget.

Competing on demand applications

The users of today expect a lot from the on demand apps and so if you still follow the traditional concepts in your on demand apps without any inclusion of trendy functions and features, you cannot shine in this flourishing sector. Also, nowadays, a lot of on demand apps are available in the market and so people have multiple choices to choose from. Only when you develop a unique on demand app with futuristic additions that stand out from the other typical on demand apps, you can gain a competitive edge in your on demand business.

Although there are some challenges that every entrepreneur might face while building on demand apps, there are some commercially successful on demand apps in this digital era. Let us see some of those on demand apps from which we can know how they gained widespread popularity among the users.

Popular on demand apps


Urbanclap is an all in one on demand service platform that connects users and the service providers / professional startups. This app can be used extensively for hiring experienced professionals for all home services such as car cleaning, sofa cleaning, plumbing, event services, home moving/shifting services, etc.


Here, users can search for appropriate service providers for their service needs based on budget, location, and so on. With a highly advanced match-making algorithm, this reliable on demand service platform allows the users to search for taskers in their nearby location matching their service requirements and who are available at the scheduled time.

For developing such a full-fledged on demand services app like Urbanclap, it will be really a smart move to go for a comprehensive Urbanclap clone solution that is built with the trendiest features and functions. A customizable and ready to use Urbanclap clone will support the addition of attractive features in addition to those available in the Urbanclap app


Airtasker is an on demand service app that serves as an ideal platform for those who are looking for trustworthy service providers for their everyday tasks and local service needs like home cleaning, car driving, electrician works, etc. It also acts as a perfect space for the taskers to get suitable tasks matching their focus area.


The app allows the users to post a job with the desired price, service description, and date. The service providers will then compete for the user jobs on the platform. So, the corresponding user will start to receive offers from taskers for their posted service needs.

In order to develop a complete on demand service app like Airtasker, you can go for a readymade and adaptable Airtasker clone solution. Do you want to include several futuristic functions in addition to the ones available in the Airtasker app? It is also possible with a versatile Airtasker clone solution.


Housejoy is one of the most promising on demand service apps that fulfills the local service needs of people such as home cleaning, appliance repairs, carpentry/plumbing/electrical services, interiors/construction services, and so on.


The users will get connected to the qualified and verified professionals for their service requirements. To build a feature-rich on demand service app like Housejoy within your budget and a short time frame, you should go for a remarkable Housejoy clone solution. With a meticulously built Housejoy clone solution, you can also develop an on demand service app for different on demand business models like on demand delivery app, on demand healthcare app, on demand transportation app, etc.


This on demand service application enables the users to search and book more suitable, professional taskers for all their day to day service needs without any hassles. Therefore, to say it on a whole, this app caters to all the on demand home service needs of users across the globe. It also provides a convenient and safe experience for the users on the platform.


If you are looking to build a fully-integrated Taskrabbit like app, you can go for a scalable Taskrabbit clone solution. Such a rigorously built Taskrabbit clone can also be utilized to build a full-featured on demand app for rendering services in different sectors like medical services, food and grocery delivery, etc.

From this section, I hope you can understand some successful on demand apps that impress users greatly by providing a suitable platform for satisfying their everyday tasks and services.

As said previously, a top-notch on demand app development service is essential for developing such impressive on demand apps for your business within your budget. There are some key factors to consider while hiring an on demand app development company so that you can get suitable on demand app development service for your business. Let us see those now.

Factors to consider for choosing a felicitous on demand app development company

Expertise in on demand app development process

When you really look for a top-grade on demand app development service, it is essential to pick an on demand app development company that has rich expertise in on demand app development service for many years. Such a promising on demand app development company will help you in arriving at a stunning on demand app that meets your on demand business concepts and requirements. They will also suggest implementing suitable functionalities, latest technologies, and trending features to kindle interest among the users on your on demand service platform.

Multi-platform app development

As a proprietor, you may wish to develop your on demand app across Android or iOS platform based on your on demand business model. So, the on demand app development company you choose must have an extensive working knowledge of both platforms and thereby can help you in building a remarkable on demand application across multiple platforms.

Adherence to deadline

The strict adherence to the project deadline is the key factor you need to consider before choosing an on demand app development company. Only the company that adheres to the timeline with the proper allocation of a skilled and dedicated team for the project will deliver your application on time.

Rigorous testing procedures

Only the on demand app that is subjected to strict testing steps will show unrivaled performance across various devices and will ensure a secure place for the users. Such an app can impress users within a very short span of time and can stand out from other normal on demand apps available in the market.

on demand app development services

Therefore, approach an on demand app development company that implements careful testing steps to build a robust on demand application for your business.

Complete app support

Proper maintenance of an on demand app update is important. A professional on demand app development company will provide support for fixing the bugs, adding enthralling and futuristic features to engage users, and other app services whenever needed. So, reach an on demand app development company that will help you in updating and customizing your on demand app as required.

Final thoughts

From the above sections, I hope you can now understand some successful on demand applications and the key points to keep in mind while choosing an on demand app development company for your business. But, you may come up with a question now. Where I can find such a prominent on demand app development company for building custom on demand apps? Appkodes is one such well-known on demand app development company that provides best-in-class on demand app development services for its clientele for years.

We use state-of-the-art technologies and highly advanced functions in the on demand app development process. So, you can arrive at a unique on demand app quickly and in a short time span by reaching Appkodes.

on demand app development company

To say in a nutshell, building an outstanding on demand service app satisfying your on demand business requirements will be just a piece of cake when you reach Appkodes. So, get our best on demand app development service and set a footprint in the on demand service business.

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