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Get ready to embark on an electrifying journey with our cutting-edge AI-driven Ola clone script! Blaze your trail with a plethora of awe-inspiring features seamlessly crafted for Android and iOS platforms alike. Experience the sheer brilliance of our app, fashioned after the renowned Ola model, as it effortlessly paves the way for your transportation needs.


Identify the goal of your ride-hailing business carefully by focusing on each aspect to develop a thriving business


Our prime combo, the unparalleled expertise of our experts, and advanced Ola clone script is all you need to get things done


Rule the taxi-booking empire with a business platform that suits to the changing trends with our Ola clone script.

Features for Ola Clone Script to Power Your Ride

Not every journey to success follows a straight road. To impress today’s riders, you should provide them with an experience beyond the ordinary and cater to their every booking whim. All this is possible only with our ready-to-launch Ola clone script!

We are packed with all the essential features, and a pre-made Ola app clone makes way to crafting an enthralling taxi booking platform that quickly grabs users’ attention. Our winning combo of expert developers and AI-powered clone script transforms dreamers into entrepreneurs. Get your hands on our reliable Ola clone app to stay ahead of your competitors in the race.

Live Navigation

An effective live navigation is all your drivers need to swiftly locate and pick up customers from their precise locations though unfamiliar with the route.

Bootstrap Responsive

An impressive and responsive design that adapts to various screen sizes can ensure a consistent user experience across all devices.

Social Media Logins

Streamline the user registration process. Make it quick and effective by including social media using social media logins in the platform.


Personalize your Ola clone app by bringing in new concepts or ideas into the product with the assistance of our team.


Don’t omit this feature as it lets user call the police or alert their emergency contact. Instantly, the user’s location details are shared with the designated helpline.

Ola Clone Script Features to Seize The Road Ahead

Craft a cutting-edge online ride-booking platform that meets every cab-hailing need. Make use of our powerhouse, expert developers, and AI-powered Ola clone script to grab your dreams of setting up a thriving online business like Ola.

Is it possible to make it happen at a fraction of the cost and time? Look no further than an Ola clone script—a dynamic solution tailored with expertise to suit your visionary business. This ready-made Ola clone script can be custom-made with an array of features and tech essentials you need to captivate your audience. Gear up to drive into the bustling world of ride-hailing business with your very own Ola clone script.


Allow your users to quickly book rides at their convenience for themselves, their neighbors, and friends.

Wallet and Payments

The automatic wallet functionality of our Ola clone app simplifies payments for your users by providing them with cashless payments.

Auto-Location and Fare Estimation

Make it easy for riders to track the rides with the in-app GPS functionality to locate their rides accurately.


Let your riders get notified on every ride detail through the in-app notification services provided.

Ratings and Reviews

Include this feature to let your users rate their rides and review them. These reviews are very much needed to enhance your service.

Revenue Factor

 Features of Ola Clone Script to Monetize Every Mile.

Running Banner Ads

Admin can profit from the ride-hailing platform, decide the number of banner ads to place, etc.

Sponsored Promotions

Admin holds more users and profits a lot by running featured ads to promote their products.

Ride Commission

Admins can establish flexible driver commissions for each ride category to suit their hierarchy.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Generate other ways of profit yields through various prime streams like host service fees, guest service fees, etc.

Data-Driven Revenue insights

Multiply your profits with AI as your revenue strategist, observing your guest’s behavior.

Subscription Plan

Include this revenue factor in our Ola clone app this allows the Admin to make money within a short period.

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Try Before Your Ride User Demo

Explore the potential of our Ola ride-hailing script. Check out our comprehensive demo to see our remarkable functionalities and effortless operation on Android and iOS devices.


Command the Road. Try Admin Demo!

How would it be to oversee every facet of our ride-hailing business as an admin? Find out now all about our seamless management. Dive into an array of features provided by our Ola clone script that comes with,

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Valuable add-ons to upgrade your Ola clone to stay ahead of the curve

Arabic RTL

Employ this add-on to eliminate language barriers on the platform. Static texts and the UI of the app will be translated into Arabic.

App Intro Screen Background Video

Withheld the user’s attention by adding an engaging background video on the app’s login page.

Google Adsense

Manipulate displayed ads, pick ads that align with your site, and block any ads that don’t align with your preferences.

Informative Videos

Instantly convey the value of your product to your loyal riders and enhance its popularity with an explainer video.

AWS S3 Bucket Integration

provide advanced data protection against unauthorized access by integrating Amazon S3 into the store, and retrieve data of any scale.

Audio Calls

Make it easy for riders to get in touch quickly with their contacts through high-quality audio calls within the app.

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What is the latest version of cabso?

Currently cabso is in v2.0.3

What is the technology used in this clone script?

Our taxi booking script Cabso is crafted in MEAN stack technology. MEAN stack refers MongoDB database, Express JS that is used as HTTP server framework.For Android we use Java and for iOS we use Swift V4

Does it has wallet option?

Yes, Cabso has the wallet feature.

Do cabso supports multi payment option?

Yes, It supports multi payment, It has built with multiple payment like cash, credit, wallet or online payment.

Does it has the app notifications?

Yes it has in app notifications, you’ll get notified by ride booking, arrival of driver, ride completion, payment completion.

How can i signup or login into the app?

You can signup or login by using social media like Facebook and more

Do I get any estimation of cost before riding?

Yes, you can see the approximate estimation of cost before riding the cab.

What about the driver and cab document management?

Driver has to submit the documents like driving license, insurance and other vehicle papers while registering the cab. Then all the document will be reviewed by the admin and has to be approved by admin

What is the revenue factor?

Admin will get commission on each ride of the cab, The commission setup can be managed in the admin panel.

What is Ridenow / Rider later?

Ridenow option will enable the user to book a cab & ride instantly. Also an user can book the cab for desired time of riding.

Mongo db version 3.4 or higher


For Instant Chat

Nodejs 8.x LTS version


Server should have the port number 2195 enabled for TCP – APN (Apple Push Notification)


SMTP for PHPMailer() function. “sendmail” recommended for linux based servers

smtp 1
Cabso v2.0.3 – 16 December,2022
[Added] Delete Option added for both User and Driver
[Updated] Google-one-tab account sign in
[Removed] Facebook login
[Fixed] Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements.
[Added] Delete Option added for both User and Driver
[Updated] Braintree SDK.
[Updated] Android Migrated to API 33.
[Fixed] Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements.
[Removed] Facebook login
Cabso v2.0.2 – September 15, 2021
[Added] Android Migrated to API 30 and Scoped storage enforcement.
[Fixed] Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements
Cabso v2.0.1 – Feb 08, 2021

[Fixed] Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Cabso v2.0 – Aug 30, 2019

[Added] Web version of cabso available for users to book their rides and get seemless experience like apps.
[Added] Session token added in Google Places API to reduce a fare.
[Updated] Migrated to AndroidX
[Fixed] Bugs fixes and performance improvements

Cabso v1.1 – 6 February, 2019

User App :
[Added] Save favourite pickup and drop location
[Added] Visual redesign Updated
[Fixed] Bug fixes and Performance improved

Driver App :
[Added] Visual redesign
[Fixed] Bug fixes and Performance improved

Web :
[Added] Visual redesign
[Fixed] Performance improvements and bug fixes

Cabso v1.0 – 18 May, 2018
[Fixed] Bug fixes and performance improvements
[Added] Live car moving animation
[Added] Driver bank account details
[Added] Driver payment settlement history
Cabso v1.0(Beta) – 7 May, 2018

User App :
[Added] Login with google and facebook
[Added] OTP verfication using Account Kit
[Added] Ride Now and Ride Later booking
[Added] Wallet option with Add money
[Added] Ride History
[Added] Payment option by Cash, Wallet, Card and Paypal
[Added] Auto Locate using GPS
[Added] Fare estimation
[Added] Profile details
[Added] SOS & Emergency Contact
[Added] Instant Notifications
[Added] Reviews
[Added] Help pages
[Added] Contact admin
[Added] Invite option

Driver App:
[Added] Login with OTP verification
[Added] Driver Document Submission
[Added] Multiple payment options
[Added] Ride History
[Added] Profile, vehicle and document details
[Added] Emergency Contact
[Added] Help pages
[Added] Contact admin

[Added] DashBoard page
[Added] Site Management to control site options
[Added] User and Driver Management
[Added] Rides and payment Management
[Added] Manage cab’s bodytype, amenities and category
[Added] Commissions
[Added] Help page management
[Added] Landing page managment for User and Driver

[Added] Landing Page for User and Driver
[Added] Help Pages
[Added] Contact-us Page

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