Features for Online Classified Marketplace: Business Model, Key Features, and Right Solution

Classified marketplace business model

Classified sites have a bright future since more and more people are utilizing the internet to search for services and products globally and locally.

Classifieds are standing already in a huge market before the internet arrives at the forefront.

But the medium seems constrained to print media and it is evidenced as the hassle for the users.

Buying used goods such as sporting goods, furniture, automobiles, mobile phones, musical instruments, property, baby items, and much more has now become a walk in the park due to the emergence of online classified business platforms.

The fact that platforms like Quiker and OLX are garnering thousands of monthly active users has turned out business analysts created a strong thirst to start an online classified business website.

In this perspective, advanced online classified clone script has helped entrepreneurs to add on the features, and launch their online classified ad marketplace in less time and cost in a comfortable manner.

The blog is going to explore an informative session on this aspect.

Read more to know why, what features you have to adhere to in a best-classified business model, and how this clone solution is going to help in accomplishing this.

Business Model of Online Classified Marketplace

The classified business model enables the start of classified/listing sites. This classified is free to use, wherein you can search for products for sale and can list out what you wish to sell for free.

If the entire service is free, then how do you think the site will make any substantial revenue?

Read on and you will be coming to know..!

It will be via

  • Premium listings
  • Pay per lead model
  • Advertising

There are platforms earning money solely through advertising, while others provide premium services allowing sellers to feature the ads in search results.

The intention is quite simple, the percentage of the users who would really opt for the “featured ads” will be very small, and hence the idea behind keeping the overall user base higher that even that low percentage translates to a significant number thereby bringing a decent revenue.

Key website features to create an online classified marketplace website or application.

After we cover the classified business model and the revenue mode for the business of these platforms, let’s concentrate on the key features necessary for creating an advanced online classified marketplace website.

Website/App Overview

The first and foremost criteria to create a site is to have a defined and clean interface and this interface must be visible on the homepage. 

Location Selection

Your developing classified website must allow the users to identify the items in the corresponding locations. 

This is why you should have a city selection bar on the homepage, with a particular option to either search or choose the location city from the given options.

Product Search

In your classified business website, as you expand across several categories, the discovery of the products becomes a highly important part of core site architecture.

The search function of the site must be productive and simple.

This functionality must have autocomplete features making it easier to determine the relevant products from the user’s perspective.

Hence, ensure your clone script phase you select or the development feature from scratch must have all the advanced features.

Homepage Categories

Being a large marketplace, giving the products in different categories, the biggest hindrance in front of your site, could be in highlighting the categories of your site items without cluttering the homepage. 

The entire theme of the website ought to be kept minimal, either you putting a menu bar or showcasing the categories in a grid manner. 

Why Choose Us Section

Since the platform or the classified business model works on a peer-to-peer business model, it permits the users to sell the items.

This is why you have to put a dedicated “Why choose us” on the homepage. This states the ease of submitting an advertisement.

Moreover, the user does not have to register to post an ad.


The focus of the footer section must be a minimal design with maximum functionality. You must try to keep the footer as neat as possible.

This houses important links to Mobile applications, how it works, social networking pages, and Terms of Use.

Submission of Free Classified

The information that it needed is

  • Title of ad(minimum 15 characters)
  • Ad Description Category(minimum 20 characters)
  • Photographs( maximum 8 snaps)
  • Contact details like name, contact number and email
  • Location

Then ‘Submit an ad’ form must be designed well in your classified website and must be easy to use. Ensure your clone script provides an intuitive ‘Submit an Ad’ feature.


Every ad that is posted on the website can go through a thorough check before it is made active. However, users can preview their ads beforehand and edit them if necessary. In order to manage the ad as well as replies, users need to create an account on the website.

Advertisement Preview

Before the ad is made active on the platform, it should go through a screening process to eliminate spam ads. But you can provide users an option to preview the ad beforehand.

The advertisement preview should show:

  • Title of the ad
  • Location of the product
  • Time of submission
  • Unique Advertisement ID
  • Product images
  • Description

Account Section

Even though the platform must not bind the users in creating an account to utilize the services, you could motivate users to create the profile by providing additional features.

Those features can be accessed under my account section. Even though the platform must not bind the users in creating an account to utilize the services, you could motivate the users in profile creation by giving additional features.

Those features can be accessed under my account section.

These features are

  • Manage ads
  • Settings
  • Messages

Along with the different E-commerce websites

  • Product Listing

Alike several E-commerce sites, you must also have a well-defined products listing webpage in your classified business website.

You could also offer filters to the buyers to streamline the search.

Product page

Unlike other websites, which depend heavily on feature-driven product pages, as a business owner you have to focus on giving relevant information to the users.

Like the features of the product such as “Product title”

  • Price contact details of the sellers
  • Contact us
  • Product description
  • Product image
  • Communication tool for contacting sellers.


You can integrate a favorite feature in your site that allows the users to bookmark the products. The features could be used to save the classified listings to your wishlist.

Popular Search Phrases

You could adopt a unique approach by exploring a dedicated webpage of popular searches. This webpage must house all the popular searches that could be sorted based on the location or the category.

Ads for buying

You may also provide the sellers with the option to post an ad. This approach caters only to half of the competitive market. The approach will bridge the gap between the buyers and sellers.

Estimated selling price

You may have a dedicated tool that will use advanced algorithms to identify the tentative selling price of the item. This could be a great future for your online classified website or the classified clone website.

Product alerts

To increase user engagement for your site, you can add an alert feature to your classified website, that should notify the buyer, if the item they are searching for is available for sale currently.

How to build a classified ads website?

Now, you become aware of the essential features that you need to include while you build a classified website business model.

Now how to start a classified website business? What are the steps in building a classified ads website? It involves eight major steps

Defining Goals: You should identify the goals and purpose of your classified ads website first of all.

Consider the types of listings, the unique selling value proposition you are planning to give, and the target audience.

Planning structure of the classified website, and its features: Outline the categories in your classified business site, subcategories, and the essential features you wish to include in your site.

Consider the registration process of the user, ad posting, search options and filtering options, user profiles, messaging system, and any other additional features you think to add to the classified business model outline.

The additional functionalities specific to your business niche, need to be considered.

Selecting a development approach: Decide if you want to build a site from scratch using programming language or use a content management system(CMS) providing ready-made functionalities and templates.

Designing UI: Craft a visually user-friendly, appealing interface aligning with your brand and improving user experience in your classified business website.

Pay attention to the intuitive navigation, responsive design, and clear call-to-action buttons for mobile devices.

Developing the website: If you build a website from scratch, hire an experienced development team and launch your Classified business website or you can use a ready-made clone script solution like Letgo clone to make your classified business website, like the letgo application.

Make sure you have expertise in the programming languages, databases, and frameworks for developing the functionality outlined in the classified business model planning phase.

Debugging: Thoroughly test the classified business website, to pick out and solve the technical issues, security vulnerabilities, and usability issues.

Test the features, compatibility, and responsiveness of the different browsers and devices and do rigorous user testing.

Deploy the classified website: Opt for a reliable web hosting provider and do the deployment of your classified ads site on a secure server.

Configure the necessary domains, DNS settings, and SSL certificates to make sure your website is accessible to the users.

Optimization of search engines: Implement the SEO techniques to enhance the visibility of your classified ads website in search engine results.

Optimize metadata, focus on generating quality content, and use relevant keywords.

Get expert support from Appkodes to build a successful classified website

Remember that building a successful classified ads website is an ongoing process.

Stay updated with market trends, offer exceptional customer support, adapt to user needs, and then start to build a thriving online community of sellers and buyers for your classified business.

Many leading online classified portals like Letgo have succeeded and grown steadily in the market. The competition is fierce and beating them and acquiring customers for your online classified business is a challenging one.

Do not panic about your competitors and the easier way to add all the necessary key features discussed above. utilize our classified script to build your tech-driven classified ads business website thus framing your classified business model and having a unique way of addressing the demanding industry.

Bottom Line

With a well-designed and feature-rich classified script, you acquire all the potential to create a thriving online marketplace connecting buyers and sellers, facilitating successful transactions, and fostering trust with the easy-to-use clone script features.

Embrace the true power of classified ads sites and unlock the opportunities they provide in the dynamic world of e-commerce and online marketplace, right now…!
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