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How to Develop an app like TikTok?

Glory Simmons

Insights for Entrepreneurs · 12 min read

how to develop app like tiktok

12 min read

TikTok, a leading entertainment-focused social media platform, has been recorded as the most downloaded application in 2021. The platform has reached 650 million downloads per year. What makes users more curious about TikTok?

The business model of TikTok is quite impressive which has made several entrepreneurs think about how to develop an app like TikTok. Do you have an idea to create an app like TikTok, then you need a team of exemplary developers.

Appkodes is the most reputed clone app development company that can materialize your entertainment business by making an app like TikTok. Our TikTok clone script is integrated with best-in-class features and innovative technologies.

Here, we can guide you on how to make an app like TikTok with Appkodes through simple steps. Before we start the development process, we need to understand why we need to create an app like TikTok and how far the app is successful in the market.

Why Develop an App Like TikTok?

  • TikTok is the no.1 online video-sharing app that covers more than 40 countries and is available in 35+ languages.
  • The platform has more than 150 million active users every month in the US.
  • TikTok has more than 1 billion active users all over the world.
  • The potential ad reach of the platform is 945 million among users of age 18+.
  • TikTok is the perfect advertising platform to reach Millennials and Gen Z.
  • TikTok is also recorded to be the top app for consumer spending.
  • TikTok’s revenue has reached $443 billion in 2022.

2 out of 3 consumers have admitted that they get inspired to buy products on TikTok even when they are likely to shop.

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Steps to develop an app like TikTok with Appkodes?

Creating an app like TikTok needs more determination toward the online video-sharing business. Appkodes supports startups who need more learning about the industry. We give multiple options to create an app like TikTok.

  1. Build the app from scratch
  2. Get the ready-to-launch TikTok PHP script

These two methods have their pros and cons and users can choose the best method that suits their business requirements and budget. Launch a premium TikTok like app with cutting-edge technology.

Build the app from scratch

Appkodes has a team of trained impeccable developers who can get your requirement and can make an app like TikTok with all similar functions and features. Users can get an intuitive video-sharing service with 100% customization and scalability. Our team of experts gets you the most SEO-friendly video-sharing app.

You will receive the most secure app that has gone through several stages of testing and it will prevent any unforeseen malware attacks or any other service interruptions. You just need to share your exact business demands and with the vast domain knowledge, our skilled technical domain expertise will develop an app like TikTok that will inherit all your business required features.


  • Can customize the platform as per your business requirements
  • Can add more features with upgraded technologies


  • More time-consuming as it will take several months to complete the app.
  • A heavy budget is needed to build an app like TikTok.

Readymade TikTok PHP script

Appkodes has an excellent ready-to-deploy TikTok PHP script, with a pre-engineered solution to have an engaging video-sharing app. The script is readily-integrable with features and comes with a unique business model. After vigorous market research and customer understanding, our team has built the right tech solution that will connect your audience with all top trending features.

With our ready-to-launch short video app that is integrated with all popular revenue models, you can easily transform your app into a lucrative business. Through our TikTok PHP script we assure our clients to get the customizable tech solution.


  • Easy customization and scalable solution
  • Comes with needed and important features and to add more you will need only few $.
  • Less time-consuming as you can launch your app within a week.
  • Very budget-friendly


  • Comes with predefined tech stacks.
  • Already defined UI/UX.

Extensive features are involved in build an app like TikTok

Features to develop app like tiktok

Our Short video app is built with next-gen technologies and features that will ensure the app has a seamless business operation. Apart from focusing on customer-centric features, we also focus on administrative features, editable content, and many admin-focused tools.

Easy login – users can get registered with the TikTok-like app with an easy registration process. They can use their social media accounts to enter the platform without taking much time.

Eye-catching user interface – we offer the most user-friendly interface that will list out all videos related to the user’s interest. Just by swiping up the screen, the user will be able to view all those videos.

Create videos – our video creation tool will let users create their fun videos with just a few clicks. Our app like TikTok will have a default timer to record videos. Users can swipe their cameras to enhance their videos. Special effects can be used to boost the video and also audio can be added too.

Watch videos – we let users view trending videos or recently watched videos. Based on the user’s interest, videos will be suggested. We let prime members download videos of their interest.

Engage videos – let your users get engaged with videos they watch through your video-sharing app. Users can give hearts to the most liked videos. They are also allowed to comment on their thoughts about the video. Videos can also be shared with their loved ones. If they find it offensive then they can even report the video. Users are allowed to block other users.

Followers/ following list – a dedicated page is set for listing all followers who follow the user and also users can find other users whom they are following. The videos of followers and following users are listed on this page.

Video storage – our app is integrated with AWS S3 and Wasabi for video storage. Users can store their videos on the cloud and can access their videos anywhere from any device. All videos that are shared on the platform will be stored on their local server.

Instant messenger – this is the most crucial feature as our app will let users contact any of the users who are on their friend list and can communicate with them through the in-app chat feature.

Privacy settings – we let users set their privacy settings so they can manage to protect their personal information or their profile from being viewed by others. They can manage their notifications through this setting.

Push notification – users will be notified of each activity that happens on the platform. They will be notified about new videos, and any comments, likes, or share they get on their videos. They will also be notified about videos posted by users whom they are following.

Mobile-friendly landing page – you can get hold of the major mobile users as your audience as our TikTok-like app has the most device-responsive landing page that will attract more mobile users and will let them stay with your platform for a long time.

Super-admin control – the admin of our platform will get the major control over the app and the admin can monitor all activities that happen within the platform. The admin can manage users as they can add or remove users easily. Through a user-friendly dashboard they get to know the metrics on the number of videos posted, no. of visitors visited the platform, no. of subscriptions, and many more.

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Additional add-ons offered by Appkodes

You can get all the above-listed features in your TikTok-like app. We still support users with add-ons as they may be needed for any specific business requirement. If your business demands these add-ons, you can pay and get these add-ons of your choice.

Add-on Description
Voice messagesCan add this add-on to enhance users’ chat experience and can make their conversation more interesting.
Smart replyWe enable users to send instant replies to every message they get on their chat page. This will make you look active all the time.
Emojis and GifsTo make the chat more friendly, you can add visual elements like emojis and Gifs and can have a fun-filled conversation.
Convert gifts into moneyWe offer a flexible option to all users to convert their gifts into money. Admin can also make an earning whenever users use this option.
Live streamingA perfect tool to enhance user engagement. We offer the best-in-class live-streaming solutions and will create a unique experience for your users.
Interstitial advertisementsMore compelling and eye-catching advertisements will grab the attention of your users. By implementing this tool, you can gain better returns.
Social media promotion bannersWe support users to brand their app in all social media channels as we offer attractive banners to display their brand ads.
Social media cover bannersThrough our visually stunning cover banners for your social media profile page, you can gain the attention of millions of audiences and increase your traffic easily.
Chat translationWe support users to have a global audience as this tool will help them to view the chat in their preferred language.
Informative videosAppkodes support users with an exclusive product explainer video. Through this video, you can explain your product and increase brand visibility.

Revenue channels integrated with Appkodes’ ready-to-use TikTok Php script

Revenue factor while develop app like tiktok

Hope you are satisfied with the list of must-have features and also add-ons we offer in our app. As already mentioned, we not only focus on customer-centric features, but we also have integrated several tools that will enhance your business. We have assured our users to monetize the platform by integrating several revenue streams in the app. Let us identify those revenue channels that will get you good returns through your video-sharing app.

Premium membership – this is one of the recurring revenue streams that will get you income periodically. You can make your users become premium members by paying and subscribing to the app for a certain period. Premium users will get access to all advanced features that are available in our video-sharing app.

Coins – Coin stores are available in our app. Users can buy coins from the store and can use them to gift their preferred videos. Whenever a user buys a coin, the admin will earn through them. This is another source of increasing your revenue through our video-sharing app.

Advertisements – the admin is allowed to place any promotional ads in the ad portal. Advertisers will place their ads and will run them in your TikTok-like app and for each ad the advertiser will pay the admin for providing space from his platform.

These are the most common revenue channels that are widely used by your competitors. If your business demands additional revenue streams, our team can integrate more monetization methods to get you promising returns.

Cost to develop an app like TikTok with Appkodes

Cost to develop app like tiktok

Appkodes offers all the above-mentioned features to users and they are also allowed for customization. Now you may think about the cost to develop an app like TikTok. Appkodes comes with a cost-effective solution as we can understand your business needs and will suggest the necessary features and tools to have a seamless app functioning.

Are you curious to know how much it cost to develop an app like TikTok? Then just give us a call and share your product features, add-on features required, the design, any advanced technologies, and many more required details. We will give you a proper cost estimation to make an app like TikTok.

Why choose Appkodes to create an app like TikTok?

Why choose Appkodes to create an app like TikTok

Custom App development – our TikTok PHP script is developed with high standards and users will get all their business needs fulfilled with our app development. Users can even ask for customization and our team will enhance your app to suit your business goals.

Wide Industry knowledge – being in this industry for nearly a decade is not as easy as we think. We have undergone all sorts of market fluctuations and have gained better industry knowledge. With our market understanding, we can make an app like TikTok with simplified methods and also with cutting-edge technologies.

Offer free demo – users will get to access our demo version which will let them understand how their video-sharing app will function when they go live. Get connected with our team and get your free demo instantly.

Dedicated support and maintenance – most of our clients have approached our services by getting to know about us through word-of-mouth. We have gained high credibility mainly because of the customer support and service we have delivered so far. You can even check our clients’ testimonials on our home page and get clarification about the support and maintenance we offer.

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Will, I get the source code of my app after the product completion?

Definitely yes, you will receive your source code as it belongs to you after the completion of the video-sharing app.

Can you share the cost to make an app like TikTok?

It depends on your business requirement. If you are a startup, we will recommend you go for a readymade TikTok PHP script that will be more cost-effective. If you have enough time and budget then you can go for the custom app development process. Whatever method you choose you need to share your exact requirement, only then we will be able to give our estimation.

Is buying a clone app legal?

Yes, legal and you need to worry about any legal issues. We are just building an app that resembles the original but the exact duplicate version of the original. You can feel safe and can buy our clone products.

Will I get support from you after going live?

We will support our clients even after handing over our product to them. We will support you by clearing bugs then and then for a certain period for free. We also have paid support plans and you can get connected with our team and know more about our different support packages.

Apart from development costs, do you charge any other charges?

Not at all. All our packages are transparent and you need not worry about any hidden charges that we may charge you in the future.

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