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All you need to know before starting an online taxi booking business

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12 Mar 2018 on Our Products · 4 min read

on-demand taxi booking business

4 min read

This post guides every business about how one can build an online taxi booking system, an app like Uber.

Taxis are the most worthy method for transport in this tech era. As they are not hesitant to give access, friendly and peaceful riding experience. There is yet the potential for service providers that can get interesting thoughts.

There are a few platforms reinventing the taxi experience. The on-demand taxi booking service has extended to many cities. No doubt why it became a billion-dollar industry.

online taxi booking script

How to get started?

You will need a product that reflects your brand and is flexible for future improvements. Built for user-experience irrespective of the platform it is operating.

Taking the technical aspects, Appkodes have developed smart online taxi booking script – Cabso. To help entrepreneurs are startups to launch their own business.

Platforms like OlaCabs, and Uber partners with private cab owners to serve instant. Their revenue model depends on pay-for-performance. Sometimes avails commission from taxi owners on each ride.

It’s regular to standardize a business model alluding to key player’s medium.

What is Cabso?

Cabso is an uber clone script. You can start your own type of taxi business like Uber, Lyft, Hailo. Developed for, and thinking about all the cardinal perspectives of riders and drivers.

Why Cabso for your on-demand taxi booking business?

The taxi business has figured out how to influence the entrepreneurs quite. It had obtained profitable thought according to a new age with their obvious work. Remembering this, Cabso – uber clone comes with many highlights like,

Business Model

business flow for taxi booking script

Passenger Panel

Register or Login

Users can enlist by means of their email or social networking profiles.

Home Screen

Here the user can book a taxi/cab. Check the distance between them and their destination with the estimated fare.

Driver Rating

In this segment, customers can leave reviews or feedbacks for each individual driver.


Secured payment options for users including wallet facilities.

Push Notifications and Messaging

Notifications include driver status, ride status, location and ride estimation.

Ride History

This format shows the ride details made including the cancelled and pre-booked ones.

Real-Time Map Plotting

The feature enables the user to see the driver/cab coming. This expands user commitment and dependability.

Schedule Ride

Ride Scheduling is an astounding feature that furnishes users with added functionality.

Driver Panel

The Driver Panel segment has similar options like the login, messaging, help. Notifications for,

1. Driver registration/login

2. Online/Offline status

3. The driver can see all requested rides by a user in this

4. Can see an accepted request in this section and track the journey

5. View all their completed rides under this section

6. Can see cancel rides list under this section

7. Access their profile and can manage too

8. Manage and submit their vehicle-related documentation.

Ride Alert

Drivers will get the alert on the off chance that somebody books the trip. You can update your availability status using the toggle.


Discover the time-saving path to every destination.


Lists general invoices, total earning every day and every one of the rides the driver did in one day or amid a month.

Admin Panel

You can keep track of every ride booked using the app. This panel would enable the entire complicated process look bothered free and transparent. The admin can get a detailed report of the website performance.

Some focus areas to become successful

1. Get a mobile Application. It is a must needed for this industry

2. Search for Professional and skilled drivers. One terrible driver can let your brand down

3. Study the demands in your market

4. Your taxi administrations ought to be accessible at most extreme places in a city

5. Waiting time: Less the waiting time, happier customer

6. Build the next billion-dollar cab booking company

Advertise your business

Take out a large ad in your area’s online or print telephone book to draw the most customers. Advertise in local newspapers. Make sure to include your services and contact information on all marketing materials. Create and distribute fliers with coupons to attract new customers to your business.

Define your audience

In most instances, cab owners don’t put the required measures in place to help the business grow. You should try to figure out the location that you’re going to provide the service. Get to know about the potential customers and their requirements. Help yourself by implementing special services in this crowded market and standout.

Final thoughts

Indian taxi market is worth around $8 billion out of which 5% is overseen by sorted out the segment. This implies there is enough space for clones. Make your prospects in a taxi booking script brighter by adding new highlights to your clone. Discuss your mobile app needs with experts.

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