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How to Make Money on Classified Websites?

Glory Simmons

28 Dec 2022 on Insights for Entrepreneurs · 7 min read

How to make money on any classified website

7 min read

Have you ever imagined that you can make money on classified websites? Today people started thinking about earning passive income through the internet. Approaching any classified website will be a good choice if you are serious about making extra money.

Many leading classified portals provide options to users to generate money. If you are an individual, you can make use of the platform for promoting your product or services and get genuine reach that will result in better lead generation.

If you own the classified platform, then you may find numerous ways in making money through your classified directory website. We will get into details and will analyze how an individual and the classified platform owner are going to make money with classified ads website.

Tips to make money on classified websites

Tips to make money on classified website

When it comes to making money online, nothing can be compared with online marketplace or classified ad websites. It has become a perfect tool for revenue generation these days. There are ways that we can also monetize this effective resource. Some of them are listed below.

Selling products/ service

This is the most common way to make money with classified ad websites. You can start selling your product or service by posting ads on the website. If the classified website has more visitors, then you can easily get customers and do business and earn well. You can pay to the platform and get your ads listed on the top of the website which will give you higher reach and more genuine leads.

The platform owner has much more benefits with this method. Whenever a user wants to post an ad on the classified website, the user needs to pay for that ad or become a member by subscribing to the platform. Setting an attractive membership plan will help the owner of the platform to make money with classified ad websites.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing

A perfect marketing scheme that can help you to make money with classified directory websites, is affiliate marketing. It has become a billion-dollar industry today as every business website needs affiliates to work on their behalf of them to promote their brand and get more orders. Any individual who is looking to make money on classified website can make use of affiliate marketing.

Most classified websites will have in-built affiliate schemes. Users can check the affiliate plan and if they feel comfortable with the commission can join and become affiliates. Users can use their blogs, websites, or even their social media accounts to promote these classified websites. The platform owner can identify the links that have brought more visitors and accordingly he will pay the user.

Affiliate marketing is not only for individuals but it also supports website owners to have better income. When your classified website has an effective affiliate marketing plan, it can easily drive more traffic to the website. Also, the owner will be paying the affiliate only after getting the conversion. So, it is completely performance-based.

Reseller Program

Seller Program

A reseller program may sound similar to an affiliate program. But both are different. In a reseller program, an individual or a company will sell products that are not owned or manufactured by them. They can buy products from the manufacturer in bulk and can sell them for good prices.

Classified websites also support reseller programs. Many third-party product owners will post their ads and individuals can buy them at cheaper prices and then can sell them at profitable prices. This is a guaranteed way to make money on classified websites.

Every classified platform owner should make sure that his website has a reliable reseller program that will support all members who post their product for sale and gets easy buyers. This will increase the credibility of the platform and more members will join the platform and which will boost the revenue generation of the platform.

Use social media to earn

How can you ignore social media if you want to make money with Classified ad website? A recent survey has stated that 78% of brands are sold through social media platforms. Target audiences for any business are widely active in any of the social media channels. For better reach and to boost sales and revenue, one need to approach social media network.

An individual or a company that is planning to become an affiliate or a reseller with any of the classified ad websites should completely rely on social platforms. If they have posted an ad on the classified website, they can share that link on their social media pages and can get connected with the buyer easily.

Classified website owners should never fail to integrate social websites into their platforms. This will help them to reach more audiences by boosting organic visibility. They can impress potential customers and this can let the platform have more transactions.

Are you curious to know how to monetize your classified website?

So far, we have listed the common possible ways that will guide both platform owners and individuals to make money on classified websites. Now it is time to reveal the fact that every classified website admin can make more money by utilizing their platform.



This is the most decisive monetization weapon that is going to help you to make money on classified websites. Even a big brand needs advertisement. You can make use of this strategy and can have found easy ways in generating more revenue.

Third-party ads – if your classified platform has enough traffic then you can let third-party brand ads be placed on your website. You need to position those ads in high-traffic areas. This will get them enough visibility and you will get additional income from those brands.

Ads from Google AdSense – AdSense is a reputed service of Google that will publish ads to targeted websites. Just by creating an account with Google AdSense, you can set Ads to your classified platform. Whenever a visitor clicks on the Ads placed through AdSense, you will get money from Google.

Premium Ads – you can charge your members for posting ads. Some classified websites follow this strategy and this works well. They will allow users to have free membership and whenever they want to post an ad, they will be charged. This sounds more logical from the members’ point of view. You can also charge additionally to get them listed on top of Ads. Even for adding more descriptions or images, you can charge extra.

The easiest solution to make money on classified website

Apart from trying all the above-mentioned tips, you need to connect with your audience through the latest trends and technologies. In recent days, short videos are gaining much attention from customers. Have you ever tried the most trending short-video solution on your classified website? If not, then you are losing the major market audience.

Today 96% of people watch product explainer videos to understand the product or the service. Out of that, 86% of viewers are convinced by the video and decide to buy the product. You can use this tool as an asset in marketing campaigns.

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